1960 - 1969

1970 - 1979


First Congress: Geneva

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is founded and a new international community formed at the first congress of its kind. Jean Hamburger is elected as the first president. 400 delegates attend.

The groundwork is laid for a new scientific journal “Nephron”.

The written constitution for the new Society is created.

Jean Hamburger purchases a model of a sailing ship with “nephrology” written on its sails in several languages as a symbol of international commitment. The tradition is to ship the boat to the venue of every subsequent ICN.


Second International Congress: Prague

899 delegates from 41 countries attended this five-day event held behind the “Iron Curtain”. 520 abstracts are submitted. The Society’s constitution is reviewed and approved and a house of delegates is created for governance. Claus Brun is elected President.

The first Journal belonging to the Society, Nephron, is published in 1964 and is hoped to serve as a communication link “between nephrologists in all countries”.

George E. Schreiner and Gabriel Richet serve as Co-Editors in Chief.


Third International Congress: Washington

2755 delegates from 54 countries attended the first of the large congresses.

624 abstracts are submitted. John P. Merrill is elected President, the first president from the US.

John P. Merrill sets the promotion of ISN and its Journal in North America as his first presidential objective.

Dues and subscriptions are set at 10$.

The circulation of Nephron continues to grow, providing a prominent voice for European nephrologists.


Fourth International Congress: Stockholm

1900 registrants from 42 countries attend the conference where 500 abstracts are collected, published, and distributed. President Merrill reminds delegates that ISN’s purpose is “to advance the science of nephrology and to foster dissemination of this knowledge through International Congresses of Nephrology and by other means”. Hugh de Wardener is elected President.

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