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1970 - 1979

1980 - 1989


There is a gradual move toward open membership and to the creation of programs.


Kidney International replaces Nephron. Roscoe Robinson becomes Editor.


Fifth International Congress: Mexico

2650 delegates from 57 countries attend this congress where 1040 abstracts are submitted. The international flavor of the Society is highlighted by carefully selecting speakers worldwide to focus on one central theme: the nature of recent advances in the broad field of nephrology.

The growing success of KI, having 4149 subscriptions by the end of 1975, ensures sufficient finance for program implementation.

Travel Grants are awarded to young investigators.

The Society now has 2482 members.


Sixth international Congress: Florence

An early registration fee was proposed to delegates for the Congress organized by the Italian Society of Nephrology under ISN sponsorship. 2753 delegates attend and 1054 abstracts are submitted. The meeting is organized around a single plenary session: “Advances in Nephrology”. Nils Alwall is elected as the new President.

The final draft of a revised constitution is approved and published in KI.

ISN secures tax-exempt status in the US.

KI subscriptions increase to 4996 by the end of 1977.


Seventh international Congress: Montreal

The proceedings of the Congress are published in advance for distribution to all participants. 1748 abstracts are submitted. George E. Schreiner is elected president. “Nephrology Forum”, a new feature in KI dedicated to a sophisticated clinical discussion of a specific patient or topic, is announced and soon becomes increasingly popular.

An official ISN advisory Committee is appointed to work alongside the local organizing committee for the next congress.

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