1970 - 1979

1980 - 1989

1990 - 1999


Eighth International Congress: Athens

Held in conjunction with the Hellenic Society of Nephrology, 3081 people attend in total, and 1748 abstracts are submitted. Gabriel Richet is elected president. Volumes of Proceedings, published for the Congress, are distributed to medical school libraries in low-income countries.

An initiative to establish ISN-sponsored postgraduate continuing education courses in developing countries over the course of 1981 and 1982 is launched, providing publications of symposia, continuing education courses in low-income countries, and travelling fellowships to Congresses.

Travel grants are awarded to 120 young investigators to attend the 1984 Los Angeles Congress.

Two years of Society membership, including KI subscription, for the price of one is offered to young nephrologists to facilitate their membership.

An international Fellowship Program is proposed.

A commitment to facilitate and encourage nephrology in low-income countries is made for the years 1981-84.

Continuing Education Programs take place in Tunisia in 1982 and Peru in 1983.

ISN sponsorship of four regional conferences is approved for 1978-1981.

A new and favorable contract is concluded with the publishers of KI whose circulation increases to 7020 at the end of 1983.


Ninth International Congress: Los Angeles

2771 delegates attend and 1830 abstracts are submitted. Discussions take place concerning arrangements for a new educational program, “Forefronts in Nephrology”: conferences designed to accommodate an international mix of active investigators to expose research to other scientific domains. The design of a new international Fellowship Program for candidates from low-income countries is approved. An ISN archive is established. Donald W. Seldin is elected President.

A number of new programs are launched and existing ones are stabilized or expanded.

Thomas E. Andreoli becomes Editor of Kidney International.

The first Forefronts in Nephrology Conference is held.

Scientific commissions in specialist areas of study are established.

The Visiting Senior Scholar Program is devised to encourage established nephrologists to spend time in a low-income country.

ISN sponsored continuing education courses take place in Cairo, Egypt; Rabat, Morocco, and in Nairobi, Kenya.

The travel grant eligibility age is increased to 40.


Tenth International Congress: UK

3153 delegates from 74 countries are represented and 2601 abstracts submitted. The Jean Hamburger Award and the A.N. Richards Award are presented for the first time. KI has become the world’s premier Journal in Nephrology. The decision is made to alternate the office of president between Europe and America to ensure internationality. Klaus Thurau is elected as President.

Expansion of educational programs.

Continuing education courses take place in Nanjing in 1988; Sao Paulo in 1988; and Caracas in 1989.


1989 The first meeting is held to establish a commission on Acute Renal Failure which will include the formation of a disaster relief task.

Twenty-seven Fellowships are awarded over the decade.

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