Next deadline for submission of applications will be communicated in September 2019.

ISN-H4Kh Objectives

ISN-H4KH Objectives

The objectives of the ISN Hydration For Kidney Health Research Initiative are:

  • To enhance awareness and knowledge of the effects of hydration on kidney health
  • To expand the level of scientific evidence on the effects of hydration on kidney health
  • To expand research capacity by supporting young investigators focusing on prevention of chronic kidney disease
  • To engage researchers in the development of transdisciplinary research networks
  • To create sustainable momentum in supporting research in the effect of hydration and kidney health

The ISN-H4KH initiative will expand the level of scientific evidence, on the effects of hydration on kidney health, increase research capacity, develop further trans-disciplinary research networks and create sustainability for researchers.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, applicants had to possess the following criteria:

  • A MD, PhD or equivalent degree,
  • Be able to travel to and reside in Canada (no visa assistance will be provided),
  • Be fluent in English and have previous experience in clinical research and statistical analysis.

The complete ISN-H4KH Grants Application Guidelines are available to download here.


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