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All ISN members can vote in the ISN Council elections, change how the ISN Council will look in the next term and give nephrology a stronger voice in their region. 

Voting will take place from February 1st until March 3, 2017 and is managed by an independent online voting system. Every ISN member will receive by e-mail a secured personalized link to the voting platform. This will give them access to visualise each candidate and cast their vote in a few clicks. For questions about the ISN Council elections, contact Vinciane Lefebvre, e-mail:

Make sure your membership is up to date so you can vote. Renew online HERE. If your email address has changed, contact: 

Meet the ISN Council election 2017 candidates

Africa and East Asia, HERE.

Mediterranean Europe and Middle East, HERE.

North America and NIS & Russia, HERE.

Oceania & South East Asia and South & Central Asia, HERE.

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Council election

Electoral Regions

Frequently Asked Questions


Council Election

The ISN Council is ISN’s governing body and legal trustee, setting policies and supervising ISN affairs. Its composition reflects the many disciplines and geographic diversities within the Society. Read more in the full diversity policy HERE.

There are 32 ISN Council members in office for three consecutive two-year terms. To ensure continuity and maintain an aspect of renewal, one third of the total council is re-elected every two years.

The election process is made up of three steps. Firstly, ISN members and Affiliated Societies are invited to nominate candidates in their region. Then, the Nominating Committee reviews each nomination according to agreed criteria and presents three candidates for each open seat on the Council. Lastly, ISN members select one candidate for each vacancy through a secure online voting system.

 For details on the current ISN Council composition, visit the ISN Council page HERE.

Electoral Regions

ISN Council members are elected to represent a region not an individual country. They must be familiar with regional issues and contribute their ideas, skills and connections to the ISN as a whole, and not to lobby in favour of their region.

The Council is divided into six regions and 14 sub-regions. Each region is represented in the Council by a set number of seats to ensure that the Council is truly representative of ISN‘s global members. This Council balance is reviewed by ISN’s leadership every two years and approved by the Council. 

To find out in which Council region is your country, please see the table of countries and corresponding Council regions.

See the table below for a full overview of the number of open council seat per region.

Number of seats for each region # seats      
# vacancies
Region 1 Africa 2 1
Region 2 Asia Pacific 10 4
  North Asia 2 0
  East Asia 2 1
  South and Central Asia 3 2
  Australia, New Zealand &  Polynesia 2 0
  South East Asia 1 1
Region 3 Middle East 1 1
Region 4 North America 7 3
Region 5 Europe 8 2
  Continental Europe 3 0
  Scandinavia Europe 1 0
  Mediterranean Europe 2 1
  Eastern Europe 1 0
  NIS and Russia 1 1
Region 6 Latin America 4 0
  32 11



Q: I have been nominated for the 2017 Council Elections. When will I receive feedback?
A: After the nomination by the ISN members and the Affiliated Societies, the Nominating Committee will review and shortlist the candidates. If you have been selected for the final ballot you will be informed in the last quarter of 2016 and asked to confirm your willingness to run for the ISN Elections. Newly elected Council members will be notified two weeks before the World Congress of Nephrology and invited to the Council meeting on April 20, 2017. The results of the final ballot will be officially announced at the ISN General Assembly during the World Congress of Nephrology 2017 in Mexico City.

Q: Are self-nominations allowed?
A: Yes, self-nominations are allowed.

Q: In which region can I nominate a candidate?
A: Candidates can be nominated in the regions where there is at least one vacancy. For 2017, these are: Africa, East Asia, South & Central Asia, Oceania & South East Asia; Middle East, North America; Mediterranean Europe; NIS & Russia.

Q: Are past Council members eligible?
A: No, in order to ensure renewal in the Council, past Council members cannot be re-elected after completion of their three two-year terms.

Q: In which region is my country?
A: For a table of countries and corresponding Council regions, please click HERE.

Q: Can I vote for a candidate that is not from my region?
A: Yes, members are encouraged to vote for candidates in all Council regions, although this is not compulsory.

Q: When will I be informed of the outcome of the Elections?
A: The results will be officially announced at the ISN General Assembly during the World Congress of Nephrology.

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