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Thank you for visiting the 2019 ISN Leadership elections page.

Please click through the tabs below to learn more.

Thank you for visiting the 2019 ISN Leadership elections page.

Please click through the tabs below to learn more.

An opening remark

Welcome to the 2019 ISN Leadership Elections!

The ISN has embarked on a journey to further engage its members worldwide to develop and promote international nephrology, complementing existing national and regional activities.

As part of that journey, ISN voting members will now elect:

  • the next ISN President-Elect
  • their region’s own Regional Board Deputy Chair

After the announcement of the election results at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2019 in Melbourne, Australia (WCN 2019), the ISN President, Regional Board Chairs and newly elected Regional Board Deputy Chairs will form the ISN Council, the governing body and legal trustee of the Society for the next 2 years.

This is a significant step for the ISN. Enabling the process of election by the broad ISN Membership for your own regional representatives and the new ISN President-Elect is an important new democratic initiative and we encourage all members to take part in the responsibility of voting.

We urge you to read carefully the new vision, mission and value statements of the ISN, and the personal reflections and vision statements of the President-Elect Nominees, and to vote for whom you believe to be the best candidates to lead the ISN.

Thank you for taking this responsibility seriously, and considering each candidate on merit, for their vision and the values they embody.

Best wishes,

Saraladevi Naicker

Saraladevi Naicker

On behalf of and as Chair of the
ISN Nominating Committee (2017-2019)


A guide to casting your vote

Voting will take place from 1 February until 1 March 2019.

During this time, simply login to your ISN member account to access the voting platform managed by our elections partner, Elections-America. Once you have accessed the voting platform, read the ISN President-Elect and Regional Board Deputy Chair candidates’ profiles and statements from your region and cast your vote. ISN voting members will receive an email with instructions on how to vote through their ISN member online account.

Make sure your membership is up to date so you can vote. Renew online HERE. If your email address has changed, contact:

For questions about the ISN 2019 Leadership Elections, contact Dominique Tudor.


Meet the candidates


President-Elect candidates*

Dr Agnes Fogo photo Dr Helena Zakharova photo Dr Ricardo Correa Rotter photo

Agnes Fogo 
Read bio & statement 

Elena Zakharova 
Read bio & statement

Ricardo Correa-Rotter
Read bio &statement 

Regional Board Deputy Chair candidates**


Dr Ahmed Twahir photo Dr Gloria Ashuntantang photo Dr Yewondwossen Tadesse photo

Ahmed Twahir
Read bio & statement

Gloria Ashuntantang
Read bio & statement

Read bio & statement


Eastern and Central Europe

Dr Jadranka Buturovic Ponikvar photo Dr Mai Ots Rosenberg photo Dr Tesař Vladimír photo

Jadranka Buturović-Ponikvar
Read bio & statement


Mai Ots-Rosenberg
Read bio & statement          

Vladimir Tesar
Read bio & statement


Latin America and the Caribbean  

Dr Magdalena Madro photo  Dr Osvaldo Merege Vieira Neto photo  Dr Rolando Claure Del Granado photo

Magdalena Madero          
Read bio & statement

Osvaldo Merege Vieira Neto 
Read bio & statement

Rolando Claure Del-Granado
Read bio & statement


Middle East

 Dr Ali Abdul Kareem Al Obaidli photo.jpg Dr Ali Abu Alfa photo  Dr Saeed Al Ghamdi photo

Ali Abdulkareem 
Read bio & statement

Ali Abu-Alfa
Read bio & statement

Saeed Al-Ghamdi
Read bio & statement


NIS & Russia

 Dr Abduzhappar Gaipov Photo  Dr Aleh Kalachyk photo  Dr Kirill Komissarov Photo

Abduzhappar Gaipov
Read bio & statement


Aleh Kalachyk
Read bio & statement


Kirill Komissarov
Read bio & statement

North America and the Caribbean

Dr Jeffrey Perl photo Dr Rulan Parekh photo  

Jeffrey Perl
Read bio & statement

Rulan Parekh
Read bio & statement


North and East Asia

Dr Cheuk Chun Szeto photo Dr Hung Chun Chen photo Dr Yusuke Suzuki photo

Cheuk Chun Szeto
Read bio & statement

Hung-Chun Chen
Read bio & statement

Yusuke Suzuki
Read bio & statement

Dr Muh Geot Wong photo Dr Sunita Bavanandan Photo  

Muh Geot Wong
Read bio & statement

Sunita  Bavanandan
Read bio & statement


South Asia

 Dr Dibya Singh Shah photo  Dr Muhibur Rahman photo Dr Fazal Akhtar photo

Dibya Singh Shah
Read bio & statement


Muhibur Rahman
Read bio & statement


Syed Fazal  Akhtar
Read bio & statement


Western Europe

Dr Fergus Caskey photo Dr Hans Peter Marti Photo Dr Rosanna Coppo picture

Fergus Caskey  
Read bio & statement

Hans-Peter Marti 
Read bio & statement

Rosanna Coppo 
Read bio & statement


* all voting members will be able to vote for the ISN President-Elect

** ISN voting members will only be able to vote for the Regional Board Deputy Chair from their own ISN Region


ISN Leadership – A short guide


Executive Committee


Regional Boards

Changes to our governance

Why the change to our governance affects elections



ISN Leadership is made up of a number of core groups. Please see a short description of each group below, as described in the new ISN Bylaws.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee in conjunction with the Council provides organizational leadership within the ISN. It defines the organization’s vision, mission and values and focuses on long term strategies to ensure successful and sustainable outcomes.

Our current Executive Committee consists of 9 members, with the ISN Executive Director sitting on the Executive Committee as an ex officio member.

See the current members of the Executive Committee HERE.


The Council, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, provides organizational oversight for the ISN. It provides input and oversight to the strategic planning process and oversees the Executive Committee in determining the optimum governance structure and policies for the ISN.

Our current Council consists of 32 members.

See the current members of the ISN Council HERE.

Regional Boards

Regional Boards are the regional representations of the ISN. Regional Boards are also a major means of integration with ISN Affiliated Societies.

ISN has established a Regional Board in each of its 10 regions, as follows:

  • Africa
  • Eastern and Central Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • New Independent States (NIS) and Russia
  • North America and the Caribbean
  • North and East Asia
  • Oceania and South East Asia (OSEA)
  • South Asia
  • Western Europe

ISN members are designated to a region by virtue of their country of residence.

Changes to our governance

Starting in 2016, ISN embarked on an important strategic review to ensure that the Society continued to reflect its members and serve them. Our journey resulted in ISN strengthening its purpose through a new vision, mission and values and the way in which the Society is governed.

See our vision, mission and values on our website.

See our new Bylaws, which were officially adopted by ISN in November 2018, for an overview of how ISN is now governed.

To give effect to the new Bylaws, it is necessary to transition from the current format of our leadership groups, as described above, to their new format. The new leadership groups will officially start in their new compositions at following announcement of the election results at WCN 2019.

For example:

  • our Executive Committee, which currently consists of 9 roles as described above, will be composed of 9 to 10 members. It will be selected differently and some roles added or removed, such as the expanded role of Secretary/Treasurer.
  • our Council, which currently consists of 32 Councillors elected by ISN members as shown at diagram 1 below, will be reduced to 20, as shown at diagram 2.
  • The big change is that each region will now be represented equally on Council by its Regional Board Chair and Deputy Chair. Regional Board Deputy Chairs are elected by members, serve a 2-year term in the role, then become the Chair, serving 2-years in the chair role. Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs also form the ISN Council, together with ISN President.
  • To facilitate the transition between current and new Council structures, in an exceptional process for 2019 only, Regional Board Chairs have been appointed from current, elected Councillors using a tiered selection approach. The aim of the approach is to ensure continuity on Council as well as to assist existing Councillors serve out as much of their elected term as possible. To view who are the 2019-2021 Regional Board Chairs, please visit the ISN Regions page on our website and click on the individual regions you are interested in. Please note, Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs cannot be from the same country. 


Diagram 1. Current ISN Council: 2017-2019


Diagram 2. ISN Council – 2019 onwards


  • The President will be a voting member of Council
  • All remaining members of the Executive Committee will be non-voting members of Council

Why the changes to our governance structure affect elections

Previously, Council members elected ISN’s President-Elect. Members could vote for open seats on Council for all regions.

With the enactment of the new Bylaws, now:

  • all ISN voting members can now vote for the ISN President-Elect
  • ISN voting members from each region will vote for their own region’s Regional Board Deputy Chair.

ISN members now have a stronger voice in who their future President will be and give nephrology a stronger voice in their region!



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