A. Levin 138x193ISN Past President 
Adeera Levin
University of British Colombia

Dr Levin is a Professor of Medicine, and Head Division of Nephrology at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver Canada. She is a consultant nephrologist based at St Paul's Hospital, Providence Health Care.

She is the Executive Director of the BC Renal Agency, which oversees the care, planning and budgets for Kidney services in the province of British Columbia. In this capacity, she has leveraged her epidemiological training, clinical knowledge and health outcomes research to develop an evidence-based transparent system which enhances the care of patients across the continuum of care (from identification of CKD through to dialysis, transplant and death).

She is active in international activities across the spectrum of kidney activities including her title as President of the International Society of Nephrology (2015-2017) (ISN), a past member of the executive committee member of the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO), and co Chair of the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian group (DICG).
She has a longstanding clinical and research interest in CKD and cardiovascular disease, and is the founder and current co Director of the Kidney Function Clinic at St Paul’s Hospital.

As an active researcher and mentor, she is involved in a national curriculum development for clinician scientists interested in kidney disease (KRESCENT), and mentors students, residents and nephrology fellows in Vancouver as well. She has over 215 peer reviewed publications, numerous book chapters, and is co-editor of a new textbook “Chronic Kidney Disease: a practical guide to understanding and management”. Her major research areas of interest include non traditional risk factors for CVD in CKD patients, with particular focus on anemia, phosphate and vitamin D, and progression of CKD variability.