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At the ISN, we use social media to:

  • Present the depth and breadth of the organization’s work on an international level.
  • Promote ISN’s presence at events, advocacy activities, journals, program deadlines, publications, awards, members, new research, grants, etc. This includes all of ISN’s departments, portfolios and campaigns.
  • Engage with the online community (including members and non-members).
  • Highlight and/or disseminate kidney-related information, including (but not limited to) kidney health/disease information that may be of general interest, renal health, research, and other topics of interest.
  • Raise awareness about ISN’s mission and vision.
  • Cover ISN Events live, like the ISN World Congress of Nephrology and ISN Frontiers Meetings.
  • Showcase nephrology events from affiliated and collective-member societies, as well as endorsed initiatives.

ISN Official Journals

Through its various publications, the ISN brings its members the latest news in research, highlights from current literature, comprehensive reviews, and in-depth case studies.

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ISN Social Media Groups

Conformed by nephrologists from around the world, the primary objective of these groups is to disseminate Nephrology knowledge through social networks by live coverage of the WCN, quizzes, webinars, interviews and other innovative materials.

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ISN Young Nephrologists



@ISNeducation Social Media Team

The @ISNeducation team was born after the social media coverage of the 2017 World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Mexico City by the ISN Social Media Task Force.

As members of this team, nephrologists from institutes worldwide have taken on a stronger presence on social media. They are sharing knowledge more widely and gaining access to a global nephrology community, expanding their network, and making a global name for themselves.

WCN Social Media team

Following the success of WCN 2017, the ISN developed a more ambitious strategy to cover the 2019 World Congress of Nephrology in Melbourne, producing a non-relevant campaign with 17,500 tweets by 1,943 users, and creating innovative online educational materials like daily quizzes, live visual abstracts interviews and poster talks.