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The 2018 United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (UN HLM on NCDs) is a vital opportunity to review – at the highest political level – the recent progress achieved by member states and the need for renewed action and collaboration to address the global NCD crisis. Kidney disease - the 11th leading cause of death globally – is a rapidly growing health burden and poses a significant health care challenge for governments, particularly in low and middle income countries.

Kidney disease is a cause and a consequence of other major NCDs, including heart disease and diabetes, and yet it has been neglected in global NCD discussions to date.

Kidney disease is a high priority NCD which now requires urgent consideration by political leaders. As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda progresses and provides a platform for raising awareness of NCD health care and monitoring needs, targeted action on kidney disease should become integral to the global policy response.

For this purpose, ISN has developed a priorities briefing paper to inform contributors to the UN HLM process of the importance of kidney disease and to highlight best practice policy solutions.

Download the ISN briefing paper and supporting mateials here: 

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ISN campaign priorities 




  Social media graphics   Template letter to send to policy makers
[10 April 2018]

Public Consultation of the WHO High Level Commission on NCDs - ISN response

  Template letter to send to policy makers
[14 June 2018]


How you can support ISN’s 2018 HLM on NCDs campaign?

  • You are a policy maker participating in the preparatory process of the 2018 HLM on NCDs: urge your head of state to attend the 2018 HLM on NCDs to address the omit of kidney disease in the global NCD agenda to date by supporting commitments to the actions outlined in ISN’s briefing paper
  • You are a national policy maker: Support the implementation of the policy asks outlined in ISN’s briefing paper and encourage your administration to raise the profile of kidney disease during the 2018 HLM on NCDs
  • You are a civil society organization (NGO, association, foundation), publisher or media representative: Spread the message of ISN’s policy asks and help us reach a wider audience worldwide. Contact your policy liaisons and ask them to support the policy asks during the 2018 HLM on NCDs and to implement them at local level. Finally, contribute to upcoming public consultations such as the one of the Independent High-level Commission on NCDs


About the UN HLM on NCDs

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the main decision-making body of the UN representing all 193 Member States and governments, convenes a United Nations High-Level Meeting to focus on specific global issues that require global political dialogue and international cooperation and solutions. UN HLMs serve to increase awareness of the issue and build consensus and commitment on the way forward. A UN HLM will result in a consensus statement such as a political declaration, outcome document, or Chair’s statement. This year the UNGA will convene a HLM on NCDs in September 2018. The outcome document negotiations and the meeting itself will take place in New York via the countries representations at the UN (see below for more background information on the UN HLM).

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