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Campaign Priorities: 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs

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The 2018 United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (UN HLM on NCDs) is a vital opportunity to review – at the highest political level – the recent progress achieved by member states and the need for renewed action and collaboration to address the global NCD crisis. Kidney disease - the 11th leading cause of death globally – is a rapidly growing health burden and poses a significant health care challenge for governments, particularly in low and middle income countries.

Kidney disease is a cause and a consequence of other major NCDs, including heart disease and diabetes, and yet it has been neglected in global NCD discussions to date.

Kidney disease is a high priority NCD which now requires urgent consideration by political leaders. As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda progresses and provides a platform for raising awareness of NCD health care and monitoring needs, targeted action on kidney disease should become integral to the global policy response.

For this purpose, ISN has developed a priorities briefing paper to inform contributors to the UN HLM process of the importance of kidney disease and to highlight best practice policy solutions.

Download the ISN briefing paper and supporting mateials here: 

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ISN campaign priorities Social media graphics Template letter to send to policy makers
[March 2018]


How you can support ISN’s 2018 HLM on NCDs campaign?

  • You are a policy maker participating in the preparatory process of the 2018 HLM on NCDs: Address the omit of kidney disease in the global NCD agenda to date by supporting commitments to the actions outlined in ISN’s briefing paper
  • You are a national policy maker: Support the implementation of the policy asks outlined in ISN’s briefing paper and encourage your administration to raise the profile of kidney disease during the 2018 HLM on NCDs
  • You are a civil society organization (NGO, association, foundation), publisher or media representative: Spread the message of ISN’s policy asks and help us reach a wider audience worldwide. Contact your policy liaisons and ask them to support the policy asks during the 2018 HLM on NCDs and to implement them at local level.


About the UN HLM on NCDs

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the main decision-making body of the UN representing all 193 Member States and governments, convenes a United Nations High-Level Meeting to focus on specific global issues that require global political dialogue and international cooperation and solutions. UN HLMs serve to increase awareness of the issue and build consensus and commitment on the way forward. A UN HLM will result in a consensus statement such as a political declaration, outcome document, or Chair’s statement. This year the UNGA will convene a HLM on NCDs in September 2018. The outcome document negotiations and the meeting itself will take place in New York via the countries representations at the UN (see below for more background information on the UN HLM).

Got more questions on the High Level Meeting on NCDs?

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Introducing the Kidney Care Network

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The Kidney Care Network, is an implementation project that supports centers in low-resource settings to develop integrated kidney care services. It will start by focusing on acute kidney injury (AKI), with a view to expand to chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy.

Through training and education, ISN will assist centers to make a sustainable change in their healthcare provision to improve the detection, management, and outcomes of AKI. ISN will also support centers in building the case to their institutions and health providers that such care is a justifiable use of scarce healthcare resources. Finally, ISN will aim to develop the principles underlying success to provide templates applicable to other low-and middle-income centers.

The Kidney Care Network focuses on selected centers in Bolivia, Brazil, Malawi, South Africa and Nepal. It is partly supported by a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.





Endorsed meetings

Endorsed meetings, courses or workshops

The International Society of Nephrology values the exchange of science and provides education in the form of organized meetings, courses or workshops.
ISN recently reviewed its endorsement policy ensuring that the endorsement will continue to be a designation of value to our partners. The new policy will become operational as of April 1 2018.
ISN collective societies, affiliated societies, Sister Renal and Sister Transplant Centers and ISN Regional Training Centers can submit an endorsement application for their meeting, course or workshop. The application should be sent to ISN three months prior to the date of the meeting.
All ISN endorsed meetings must be compliant with the Declaration of Istanbul, the World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. ISN expects its partners to adhere to these statements.
Only meetings that are officially endorsed by ISN may use ISN’s logo on conference related materials.
All upcoming ISN events, endorsed meetings as well as meetings organized by partnering and related organizations can be located on the calendar of events.
Please download our endorsement policy, the application form and the final report that should be sent back within 30 calendar days after the event was held.
Non-compliance with the terms specified in the endorsement policy will result in future requests not being eligible for endorsement.
ISN endorsement does not include financial support for the event.






Registry data can be used to improve awareness of the burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) amongst health policy makers and funders through initiatives such as the Global Burden of Disease project. Such data can also provide critical information to support the planning, delivery and evaluation of renal services, highlighting discrepancies in the provision of services within and between countries and informing the allocation of resources and planning of services. Beyond advocacy and service planning, registry data can aid in identifying the most important causes of renal disease in different countries and thereby guide efforts to prevent, detect and treat the earlier stages of CKD.

Renal registries have been collecting data on ESKD treatment rates in Australia/ New Zealand, Europe and North America for up to 50 years. There are also very successful renal registries in South and Latin America, Africa and Malaysia. Many low- and middle-income countries (and some high-income countries) do not have renal registries however, or if they do they collect data on an incomplete, voluntary basis and at an aggregate level. The international chapter of USRDS Annual Data Report provides a readily accessible summary of these data.

The aim of this project is to establish a resource available to kidney health advocates in countries wishing to establish or develop a renal registry to support advocacy, quality assurance and research.

Survey results

A table summarising the results of a “methodological” survey of renal registries, i.e. aimed at what information them collect, how they collect it, the databases they use, etc.

We are currently drafting this survey and will be administering it to our registry contacts around the world.

ISN Vacancy: Meeting and Events Manager

ISN Vacancy

Meetings and Events Manager

Job title Meetings & Events Manager

Reporting to Meetings & Events Director

Direct reports None

Job location Brussels, Belgium

Start date May 2018

Global job responsibility

Full project management responsibility for our World Congresses of Nephrology (every other year in tandem with the Meetings and Events Director), supervision of our ISN Frontiers and other selected meetings which are project managed by junior team members.

Job objective    

Our World Congress of Nephrology (WCN), which happens every two years (but will be annual from 2019 onwards), brings together between 3500 and 5500 delegates from all over the world). The Meetings and Events Director currently manages these projects. Because we’re moving to annual WCNs we’re looking for a Meetings & Events Manager who will take the lead on the Congress every other year and also manage other colleagues who lead on some of our other regular events.

The Meetings & Events Manager is the interface between all stakeholders involved in the project at a managerial level and he/she facilitates various processes by delivering all operational and coordination needs of the project(s).

S/he works in close contact with the Meetings & Events Director, and other members of the ISN Meetings & Events Team all of whom are vital to the success of our events.

The ISN is looking for a candidate with extensive experience in coordinating and managing the complete organization of large scale global medical events. We are looking for someone with previous major events management experience who can demonstrate their capacity to identify creative solutions, generate new ideas and is sensitive to the various interests of our active members and volunteers.

Job tasks

  • Overall congress coordination
  • Bidding Guidelines and Standard Operation Procedures follow up
  • Follow up the bidding process, compare proposals, conduct site visits and report on progress
  • Develop and manage budget
  • Planning – timeline
  • Inclusion in the WCN Congress Organizing and Local Organizing Committees
  • Analyze, compare, contract venue, local PCO/DMC, all suppliers (AV, IT staff…etc )
  • Coordinate Housing with local PCO
  • Coordinate with our Marcom team for website, communications, printing, stand, twitter, FB, app…
  • Follow up sponsors logistics after the BD has secured the contract (invoicing, logos, material, information…)
  • Supervise coordinator in charge of the Abstracts submission, review, contacts, poster boards, numbering….
  • Supervise team member in charge of the SPC tasks – speakers invitations / schedules per meeting room, contacts with keynotes, with VIPs about timings, bios, pictures, DOI, Accommodation, Free registration etc
  • Supervise team member in charge of the Exhibition
  • Supervise administrator managing travel grants selection and follow up (reimbursements, accommodation etc)
  • On site coordination of venue and all suppliers (stand building, posterboards, signs, staff, AV, IT, bags, material, deliveries…)

Essential skills and knowledge

  • At least 8 years of experience in the Congress organizing sector. Previous experience in project managing the organization of large scale global events.
  • Experience in the medical congresses sector is a definitive plus
  • Experience in managing bidding processes, provisional budgets budget reactivity, accountancy, gst/vat questions
  • Excellent negotiations skills, attention to detail for accurate contract reviews and approvals
  • Ability to take initiative, prioritize and work under set deadlines
  • Ability to lead a team - excellent interpersonal skills, sensitive team management
  • Well-developed administrative and computer skills, including good knowledge of MS Office, web-based event administration tools, e-mail technologies, Adobe
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Stress-resistant and multi-task oriented
  • Ability to push projects forward in a complex matrix environment, taking responsibility and demonstrating a commitment to a philanthropic and humanitarian organization
  • Friendly and no-nonsense attitude.
  • Able to adapt personal style to suit the ways of working of our various stakeholders, in an ever changing non-for-profit medical & humanitarian sector
  • Capacity to interact and build strong relations with a diverse range of multi-cultural members, stakeholders, staff, suppliers and volunteers
  • Willing and available to travel on a regular basis (globally)

How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter to  Your cover letter should include a detailed description of your previous responsibilities regarding finances and accounting for your events.

There is no fixed closing date for this position but we will review applications as they come in and close the advert once we have made an appointment.


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