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Monday, 23 January 2017 15:45

SRC Program level C : Philippines - Singapore

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EC Institute: Southern Philippines Medical Center 

EC Liaison officer: Franklin Britan Guillano

SC Institute: Singapore General Hospital 

SC Liaison Officer: Marjorie Foo Wai Yin


Name of SRC Pair : Philippines - Singapore

SRC Level :


Learning Objectives: 

The SPMC is a big hospital (1,200 beds) operating more than its capacity. We have 55 HD machines with 5 back ups, operating 3 sessions a day, 6 days a week. We have an average HD treatment per week of about 1,000. There are 9 Nehrologists Consultant (all trained in Manila). Although we have a residency training program for internal medicine accredited by the Philippine College of Physicians, with 50 residents on training, we don't have a fellowship training for nephrology.
We have just started our PD program. To date, we only have less than 10 PD patients. One problem is we don't have adequate training in PD catheter insertion. We have 15-20 kidney transplant per year but we hope to increase this since we are already working with University of Barcelona to enchance our Deceased Donor Program. Since we already started our Sister Transplant Center Partnership with Barcelona, we hope to improve our transplant program. We are also in the process of applying for accreditation in Adult Nephrology Fellowship so that we can enhance our training and education program.
Most of our HD patients nowadays are covered by the Philippine Health Insurance (PHILHEALTH) so almost all of them are having free dialysis sessions. Because of this, our patient's survival significantly increased since the implementation of the Philhealth program. Then, we started to see problems associated with long term dialysis like CKD-MBD and hemodialysis access problems. Some patients died because we cannot give them adequate access.



We have plenty of patients but we don't have enough training to answer thier growing needs. Most of our patients are on Hemodialysis since this is the easiest (for us) to start them with dialysis. Most of our surgeons are doing IJ cath insertion under blind procedure (without ultrasound). Nowadays,once we start them on HD, we refer them to free standing dialysis centers for their maintenance HD. We also don't have enough training for PD cath insertion.
We need to train our young nephrologists for the interventional nephrology, which Singapore General Hospital is offering. We can also send our surgeons if they are interested. The SGH expertise in interventional nephrology is amazing since a lot of patients can be saved or a lot can have improvement in their quality of life, if we can provide a very good dialysis access. As of this time, if we have problems in their AV fistula, we use permcath as a long term access.
We abandon access which I think can still be saved, if we do have interventional training. Our PD program can also be improved if we do have people who knows how to manage PD access. It is easy to communicate with Singapore and we believe that by sending people there to train, and by having regular teleconference with them, we can be able to deliver much improved renal services, not only at SPMC but for the whole Mindanao as well.


Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • SRC Level: C
  • Region: Oceania and South East Asia
  • Country: Philippines
  • Topics: CKD, Interventional Nephrology
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