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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 10:45

Sister Transplant Program level C : Nepal - UK

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EC Institute: Human Organ Transplant Center

EC Liaison officer: Pukar Chandra Shrestha 

SC Institute: Freeman Hospital 

SC Liaison Officer: Alison Brown 


Name of STC-TTC Pair: Nepal - UK 

Pair Level: C


Learning Objectives : 

The Renal Transplant programme in Nepal is in relatively new. The Human Organ Transplant Center(HOTC), Bhatkapur is a newly established dedicated government center for the development of kidney and other organ transplantation. The center has been doing renal transplant regularly for the last 42 months with limited human resources. Even with the current limited resources, the outcomes are comparable to that of the world's best transplant centers. At present in Nepal, the government can only provide funding for a maximum of 2 years dialysis support. If patients with renal failure cannot identify a suitable live kidney donor in that time, young patients who may be the main support for their family will die. It is therefore urgent to expand the live donor programme and to develop a deceased donor transplant programme, which could be achieved in the near future. This would allow utilisation of the many organs that currently cannot be utilised following deaths of potentially suitable donors, with many young people, in road traffic accidents within Kathmandu. We have identified that transplant immunology is the first key area to address as there is no 6 of 9
transplant immunologist in Nepal at present. Secondly, we need to train our locally selected staff as transplant coordinators. This is a vital role in the whole process of transplant, especially to initiate deceased donor transplants. Co-ordinators require training in tackling sensitive issues and also the practicalities of coordinating various multidisciplinary teams at different locations contributing to organ transplant.



We propose that one senior Nephrologist is sent from Kathmandu to be trained in transplant immunology for the period of one month in the Institute of Transplantation in Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, and also at our local tissue typing laboratory. Furthermore, we propose setting up a regular teaching session via Skype for nephrologists, transplant histopathologists, co-ordinators and nurses with their opposite numbers in Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Experienced transplant coordinators in Newcastle will provide teaching on how deceased donor transplantation and low titre ABO incompatible transplants are carried out in Newcastle, and will lead virtual workshops to explore how these processes can be adapted for use in the very different health care system in Nepal. This will help facilitate both heart beating and non heart beating donor transplantation as well as low titre ABO incompatible transplants. The necessary legislation to permit deceased donor transplants has already been passed in Nepal.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • SRC Level: C
  • Region: South Asia
  • Country: Nepal
  • Topics: Transplantation
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