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ISN Education 2016: Top 5 Picks by an ISN Leader - Peter Kerr

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ISN Education has asked ISN Leaders from around the world to weigh in on their favorite educational pieces published in 2016. Their responses will be published as part of an exclusive editorial series in the lead up to WCN 2017.

 Peter Kerr's Top 5 ISN Education Content Picks

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Peter Kerr: 

I’ll declare my biases! – I particularly like “how to..” presentations that provide practical advice for Nephrologists and Physicians struggling to manage day to day caseloads in poorly resourced settings. My personal interest is in dialysis and we need to remember that a large component of the work load of most Nephrologists is dialysis – so we need to ensure that we are well educated in this, beyond knowing it exists and leaving it to the nurses! We need to pay attention to detail.


So, my choices are (In no particular order) : 

  • The importance of volume control (in hemodialysis) – Nathan Levin
    An essential component of dialysis is volume control. A lot of attention in dialysis is focussed on solute control (eg. Kt/V) but efforts to optimise this have not resulted in significant differences in outcome. Attention is now focussing on optimising volume control and Dr Levin is a master at this and a master at delivering the message.
  • Water purification for hemodialysis – Nathan Levin 
    Another pet topic of mine (and Dr Levin’s) that is not given adequate attention by Nephrologists. To provide good quality dialysis does not necessarily mean concentrating on Kt/V – but rather by concentrating on good substrate. Focus on the basics and the tools to obtain good results.
  • Techniques of PD catheter placement – Arif Asif
    As the push for PD as an ideal technique for rescue of AKI cases in poorly resourced settings gathers momentum, the need for on-the-ground Nephrologists to be adept at techniques of catheter placement also gathers momentum. Overviews presented by experts such as Dr Asif are essential starting points.
  • AKI: detection and early intervention – Peter Mount
    A major push forward by ISN in recent years has been the need to recognise AKI early and intervene early to save lives, especially in developing countries. This clearly presented basic approach offers sound advice and is easy to follow and encapsulates the message well.
  • Renal research – past, present, and future – John Feehally
    To round off my selections, I love this presentation. It encapsulates a brief history of renal research and piques interest in this pathway. It is stimulating and inspiring and should be essential viewing for all those considering renal research – and indeed for all Nephrology trainees.

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