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Webinar: The Value of Sodium Restriction in Dialysis Patients audioicon

By  Nathan Levin
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This webinar focusses on the success of sodium restriction and progressive reduction of post dialysis weight in the Tassin and Izmir groups.

Description of the Webinar

Hypertension is common in dialysis patients with variation in incidence depending on race, diet, duration and frequency of dialysis, dialysate sodium, access to antihypertensive drugs and residual kidney function. The webinar will touch on these issues, but will focus on the success of sodium restriction and progressive reduction of post dialysis weight in the Tassin (Laurent, Charra and Chazot) group in 5-8 hour treatments, and the Izmir (Mees & Ok) group in 4 hour treatments, in having ~ 90 % of their patients normotensive and without requiring antihypertensive therapy. The background physiology and the practical problems, including inter and intradialytic aspects, will be discussed in relationship to these remarkable outcomes.

The session

The Value of Sodium Restriction in Dialysis Patients

Friday May 16th, 2014, from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)


About the Facilitators


Nathan Woolf Levin, MD, FACP FCP (SA) is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a co-founder and past Medical and Research Director of the Renal Research Institute. He has made important contributions to the development of the K/DOQI and KDIGO Practice Guidelines. He was a Principal Investigator in the HEMO and FHN NIH trials. Dr. Levin was Vice President of AAMI, President of the Renal Physicians Association, a member of the ISN Council and co-founder of the Sustainable Kidney Care Foundation. He has contributed to over 400 papers in nephrology. He has received the Belding Scribner Prize of the ASN and is a Fulbright Senior Specialist



Dr. Jochen Raimann is a Research Scientist at the Renal Research Institute. His research activities and interests include glucose and insulin kinetics and metabolism, dry weight, the determination of body composition and body volumes, bioelectrical impedance, cardiovascular pathology in dialysis patients (blood pressure, heart rate variability), citrate anticoagulation, calcium kinetics during dialysis, dietary and dialytic restriction, and the clinical application of saliva urea nitrogen as measured by a dipstick method. Dr. Raimann has first- and co-authored several peer-reviewed papers, abstracts and book chapters, is a member of the Editorial Board of Dialysis Times and has been Peer-Reviewer for various international journals.

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