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Webinar: Native Fistulas Flows (Qa): too Big, too Small, the Wrong Way or Just Right !

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This ISN webinar will help improve understanding and assessing fistula flow (Qa), help recognise, prevent & manage the "giant" fistula and improve the diagnosis and management of clinical steal.

Description of the Webinar

The native fistula is a disease created for the therapeutic purpose of hemodialysis.
The fistula can be:
1. Too small – inadequate flows (< 500mls/min) with inadequate dialysis,
2. Too big – excessive flows (>2000mls/min) with the risk of heart failure,
3. The “wrong way”, with too much blood to the fistula and too little to the hand (clinical steal),
or 4. Just right! 

Therefore, the clinician supervising the native fistula must always consider the 3 interested parties: The dialysis pump, the dependent limb, and the heart.

This webinar looks at the assessment of Qa and the diagnosis.

Webinar Webcast: 

This webinar will took place on Friday, March 18th from 9AM - 10AM AEDT (Sydney).

Those who missed the webinar are invited to watch the webinar recording here below:



About the Facilitator


Dr John Swinnen in surgery, during his previous placement in Gaza, 2014. © Yann Libessart/MSF.

Doctor Jan "John" Swinnen - 

Dr Swinnen is a Vascular Surgeon specialised in Hemodialysis Access. He believes hemodialysis should be a patient centred system delivered by integrated teams. Emphasis is on native fistulas only, home dialysis, the use of Ultrasound at all stages of fistula management and by all members of the team, endovascular treatment of most problems, and a robust surveillance / maintenance program. He is involved in fistula research (currently a multicentre RCT on Drug Eluting Balloons in fistula stenoses) and has published numerous original articles. He performs workshops throughout Australia and SE Asia.



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