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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 10:36

Clinical research: The Incidence and Mortality of Acute Kidney Injury in China: A Nationwide Multi-center Retrospective Survey

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image yangName: Li Yang

Hospital / Affiliation: Peking University First Hospital

Home Country: China

Host Country: China

Year: 2014

Status of your program: COMPLETED



Title of the project: 

The Incidence and Mortality of Acute Kidney Injury in China: A Nationwide Multi-center Retrospective Survey


Acute Kidney Injury 


Short description of the project or abstract:

We launched a nation-wide survey on 2,223,230 adult patients that were hospitalized in 2013 in 44 academic/local hospitals from 22 provinces in Mainland China. Suspected AKI patients were screened out based on changes in serum creatinine by the Laboratory Information System, and confirmed by reviewing medical records. The identification criteria for AKI included the 2012 KDIGO AKI definition and an increase or decrease in SCr by 50% during hospital stay (expanded criteria). Of the 2,223,230 hospitalized patients that were screened, 154,950 cases were suspected AKI by electronic screening, among which 26,086 cases (from 374,286 admissions) were reviewed with medical records to confirm the diagnosis of AKI.
The detection rate of AKI was 0.99% (3687/374,286, KDIGO criteria) and 2.03% (7604/374,286, expanded criteria), from which it is estimated that 1.4–2.9 million AKI cases were hospitalized in China in 2013. The non-recognition rate of AKI was 74.2% (5608/7555). Renal referral was performed in 21.4% (1625/7604) of the AKI cases, and renal replacement therapy was conducted in 59.3% (531/896) of those who had the indications. Delayed AKI recognition was an independent risk factor for in-hospital mortality, and renal referral was an independent protective factor for under recognition and mortality of AKI.


Learning or Research objectives:

Acute kidney injury has become a huge medical burden in China with inconceivable under diagnosis and under treatment. Nephrologists should take the responsibility to lead the battle against AKI.


Additional Info

  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Completed
  • Partners: ISN only
  • Region: North and East Asia
  • Country: China
  • Topics: AKI
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