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Clinical Research: Study of the associations of heavy metals and environmental toxins with CKD in a rural population in South India

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image anupamaName: Anupama Janardhana

Hospital / Affiliation: Nanjappa Hospital, Kuvempu Road, Shivamogga, Karnataka State-577201

Home Country: India

Host Country: India

Year: 2015

Status of your program: Ended


Title of the project:

Study of the associations of heavy metals and environmental toxins with Chronic kidney disease in a rural population in South India 


Chronic Kidney Injury


Short description of the project or abstract:

The prevalence of Chronic kidney disease(CKD) is rapidly increasing in India in both urban and rural areas. In a population-based study in 2012-2013 in a cluster of 3 villages, near Shivamogga town, Karnataka State of South India, we observed a prevalence of CKD of 6.3%, comparable to the urban areas. The subjects were predominantly agriculturists with minimal or no proteinuria, with no clear relation to diabetes or hypertension. Hence we intend to do a detailed case-control study in the same area, examining the association of heavy metals and environmental toxins such as pesticides with CKD. 60 cases will be randomly selected from the line-list of cases from the earlier cohort and 60 age-and sex-matched controls will be selected from the line-list of non-CKD subjects. A detailed demographic and medical history will be elicited. Anthropometric indices and Blood pressure will be recorded. Blood and urine will be analysed for routine tests as well as heavy metals( lead, arsenic and cadmium) and pesticide residues. Association between CKD cases and the toxins analysed using appropriate statistical methods. We expect that if there is a significant association between the two, this study will have important public health implications, not only for prevention of CKD, but also other health problems such as anaemia and hypertension that affects these people.


Learning or Research objectives:

  • To study the association between blod and urine levels of heavy metals and pesticide residues with CKD
  • To see if there is association between the metals and other related health problems such as anaemia and hypertension

Additional Info

  • Year: 2015
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • Region: South Asia
  • Country: India
  • Topics: CKD
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