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Endorsed events, courses or workshops

The International Society of Nephrology values the exchange of science and providing education in the form of organized meetings, courses, and workshops, and therefore considers endorsing events of high-scientific and educational quality that would benefit the renal and related scientific communities.

ISN recently reviewed its endorsement policy ensuring that the endorsement will continue to be a designation of value to our partners. The new policy became operational as of April 23, 2018 and there is now an application fee required to process the applications.

The application is free for ISN collective societies, Sister Renal or Sister Transplant Centers, and ISN Regional Training Centers. Affiliated societies will pay an application fee based on their country income category and all other organizations will pay a standard fee. The application should be sent to ISN three months prior to the date of the event.

All ISN endorsed events must be compliant with the Declaration of Istanbul, the World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.

ISN expects its partners to adhere to these statements.

Only events that are officially endorsed by ISN may use ISN’s logo on conference related materials.
All upcoming ISN events, endorsed events as well as meetings organized by partnering and related organizations can be located on the calendar of events.

Please download our endorsement policy, the application form, and the post event report that should be sent back to ISN within 30 calendar days after the event was held. Non-compliance with the terms specified in the endorsement policy will result in future requests not being eligible for endorsement.

ISN endorsement does not include financial support for the event.


pdf document

pdf document

pdf document

ISN policy on endorsement
and support of meetings,
courses and workshops
    Application form     
     FInal report      



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