Day 2

Day 2 – July 2, 2021 | Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

Session 4:

What have we learnt from animal models?

08:30 Modeling aHUS in genetic mouse models: the C3 D/N gain-of-function mouse model Kevin Marchbank United Kingdom
08:45 Modeling aHUS in genetic mouse models: the CFH W/R loss of function mouse model Song Wen-Chao United States
09:00 Role of complement in the pathophysiology of STEC-HUS: evidence from a mouse model Carlamaria Zoja Italy
09:15 Discussion

Session 5:

Advances in pathophysiology

09:30 Genetic basis of aHUS David Kavanagh United Kingdom
09:45 Role of genetic factors in secondary HUS Moglie Le Quintrec-Donnette France
10:00 Anti-FH antibodies associated HUS Arvind Bagga India
10:15 aHUS: Why the kidney? Lubka Roumenina France
10:30 Oral presentation from abstract selection
10:40 Discussion
Coffee break 11:00 Coffee break and poster viewing

Session 6:

Diagnosis and classification

11:30 Primary and secondary aHUS. Still worth discussing? Giovanni Montini Italy
11:45 Postpartum renal cortical necrosis and aHUS Raja Ramachandran India
12:00 Kidney and kidney-liver transplant with aHUS Jeff Saland United States
12:15 Monitoring complement dysregulation in aHUS Miriam Galbusera Italy
12:30 Oral presentation from abstract selection
12:40 Discussion
Lunch break 13:00 Lunch and poster viewing

Session 7:

When and how to inhibit C5 in complement-mediated rare nephropathies

14:00 Targeted delivery of complement inhibitors to prevent complement-mediated tissue damage Francesco Tedesco Italy
14:15 C5 inhibition in mouse genetic models of C3G and aHUS Elena Goicoechea de Jorges Spain
14:30 Eculizumab in primary and secondary aHUS: who, when and how long? Christoph Licht Canada
14:45 Impact of C5 blockade on post-transplant outcomes and renal epidemiology of aHUS Christophe Legendre France
15:00 C5 inhibition in C3G/IC-MPGN: who may benefit? Piero Ruggenenti Italy
15:15 Discussion
Coffee break 15:35 Coffee break and poster viewing

Session 8:

When and how to inhibit C3 in complement-mediated rare nephropathies

16:00 Manipulating the early steps of complement cascade: emerging drugs, potential risks and benefits Joshua Thurman United States
16:15 Effect of C3 or CFB inhibition on complement dysregulation in human C3G serum in vitro Richard Smith United States
16:30 Lessons from studies in mouse models of C3G Ariela Benigni Italy
16:45 Targeting CFD or CFB in C3G, preliminary results of clinical trials in patients with C3G/IC-MPGN Erica Daina Italy
17:00 Oral presentation from abstract selection
17:10 Discussion
Keynote lecture 17:30 HUS in 2021 Fadi Fakhouri France