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Sunday, 27 March 2016 17:19

Film: The Dog Kidney - Vascular and Tubular Organization of the Kidney

By  Reiner Beeuwkes
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The following movie titled "The Vascular and Tubular Organization of the Kidney" was made by Reiner BEEUWKES, J. BONVENTRE, E.D. MILLER and A.C. BARGER, at the Department of Physiology of Harvard Medical School (Boston Mass, USA) in 1975. 

Film Introduction by Lise Bankir (Inserm, Paris, France):

The vascular system of the mammalian kidney comprises two capillary networks in series: the glomerular capillary tuft and the peritubular capillaries issued from the efferent arteriole of the glomeruli. In this movie, using the dog kidney as an example, Reiner Beeuwkes explains how blood is supplied to the different parts of the renal tubule. He illustrates nicely why the classical diagram, reproduced in many textbooks, is wrong. There are no "nephron units" with convoluted and straight parts of the nephrons surrounded by capillaries issued from their own efferent arterioles. Most nephrons are supplied by capillaries originating from the efferent arteriole of several different glomeruli. Reiner Beeuwkes used Microfil silicone rubber to illustrate the actual vascular-tubular relationships in the dog kidney. He first injected the arterial vasculature as a whole through the renal artery. Then, he micro-injected Microfil of a different color into single nephrons in order to follow their course in the midst of the surrounding capillaries and vasa recta within the cortex and medulla. He comments himself the different observations beautifully presented in his movie.



Reiner Beeuwkes made another movie about the HUMAN kidney. Watch this other movie here.


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