Academy Newsletter – April

April, 2022


Hybrid Courses for ISN Fellows

For the last 30 years, ISN’s Fellowship Program has provided grants to young doctors in low-resource settings to access high-quality, hands-on training.
In-person, hands-on training at the host center will now be supplemented with online courses on the ISN Academy for a truly hybrid experience. Hybrid Fellowship modules are currently available in General Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, and Pediatric Nephrology. ISN Fellows will follow the module related to their Fellowship’s primary focus, and the modules will be continually updated.
Through the Hybrid Fellowship Courses, ISN Fellows will have the opportunity to learn from not only their host mentor, but also the many experts from around the world who contribute to the ISN Academy.

Course-based Learning


Webinar and Modules: Hybrid Course on Metabolic Evaluation of Patients with Kidney Stones

The first module, “Why Kidney Stones Form?”, is now available on the ISN Academy.
A webinar session will occur on April 28 at 3 p.m. CEST. Additional on-demand modules and webinar recordings will be available in the coming days.

Renal Anemia Curriculum: Take the Course

The course covers the pathophysiology of renal disease along with the clinical trials guiding current management guidelines:
  • Definition and epidemiology of renal anemia
  • Pathophysiology of renal anemia
  • Mechanisms of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents
  • Trials of renal anemia
  • Iron metabolism
  • Iron formulations
  • Novel and future therapies, including HIF-stabilizers
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Case-based Learning

RenPath Quick Cases Series

Case 53 - Patient with Treated-SLE and Newly Discovered Proteinura
Eva Honsova, Czech Republic
This is an unusual case with two different diagnoses. First, the SLE nephritis was diagnosed and treated. After 11 years, nephrotic proteinuria developed and the patient underwent a second kidney biopsy, where the disease was completely different and unexpected. The diagnosis from the kidney biopsy revealed a previously unknown malignancy (myeloma) and allowed treatment that led to long-term remission.
All previous cases are also available on the Academy.

Interventional Nephrology (IN) Cases

Access all the IN Cases on the Academy.

Learn from ISN Journals


ISN Video Abstract Series

The ISN Video Abstract Series is an initiative by the @ISNeducation Social Media Team showcasing key articles from ISN Journals on social media platforms.

Catch up on Recent Webinars

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