Academy Newsletter – July

July, 2021

Interventional nephrology (IN)

Interventional nephrology (IN) specializes in providing care for dialysis access and has become an increasingly important sub-specialty in nephrology. The demand for interventional nephrology (IN) training is growing steadily in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where the number of interventional nephrologists is limited and patients often miss dialysis treatment because of vascular access problems.

The ISN’s Interventional Nephrology Working Group (INWG) has developed several initiatives to provide training in the skills necessary to create and manage dialysis access.

 Interventional Nephrology Curriculum


Learn and check your skills in interventional nephrology!

The ISN has developed a curriculum to bridge gaps in interventional nephrology expertise. This online offering covers dialysis access care and the fundamentals needed to establish IN programs.

The candidates recently selected to train at the ISN Interventional Nephrology Training Centers need to pass this new online course in order to successfully complete their IN scholarship training, which consists of this virtual component plus onsite training at one of the ISN Interventional Nephrology Training Centers.

These didactic lectures and assessment questions are freely available to all ISN full members or Academy subscribers.

ISN Interventional Nephrology Scholarships support trainees from low- and middle-income countries with grants contributing to their travel, accommodation, and living costs during training at one of the centers. Through this initiative, trainees learn to:

  • develop sound expertise in interventional nephrology
  • provide a better quality of care for dialysis patients in their home country
  • train others in their home institution
This is supported by an unrestricted educational grants from 2519b948-bc3c-4b1f-6f72-1cea1eae0ba6.png

 Interventional Nephrology Lecture Series


From “working as a multidisciplinary team” to “what's new in vascular access”, this series of talks on IN, chaired by Saeed Ahmed from the Sunderland Royal Hospital, is available open-access on the ISN Academy.

 Interventional Nephrology Quick Cases


In 2020, the ISN Academy launched a case series on interventional nephrology, presenting real-life cases in under ten minutes.

 Vascular Access Handbook


The ISN was involved in developing an illustrated, practical handbook on vascular access for hemodialysis for people with kidney disease.

The handbook is available on the ISN Academy in full and shorter versions in English and Spanish.

 ISN-ISPD Webinar: ISPD Guidelines for PD in Acute Kidney Injury


This webinar focuses on practical aspects of using Peritoneal dialysis (PD) for acute kidney injury and developing an acute PD program using the latest International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) 2020 guidelines:

  • How to deliver peritoneal dialysis for acute kidney injury
  • Troubleshooting when complications occur
  • Practical tips to setting up an acute PD program
Peritoneal dialysis is as effective as other extracorporeal therapies, even in critically ill patients in ICUs, and there are several advantages to using PD, especially in low-resource environments.

 Interventional Nephrology Consensus Document


The INWG produced the document, “International Society of Nephrology’s initiative on interventional nephrology minimum training and program-building standards in resource-limited countries,” outlining the minimum standards needed to practice interventional nephrology in low-resource settings without compromising safety and quality of care.