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May, 2022

 New Features

Kidney Care Ethics Resources

The ISN is committed to engage with ethical issues in kidney health policy, practice and research; and support the development of basic and advanced ethics expertise among its members.
Dive into this new section on the ISN Academy and find perspectives on and analysis of ethical issues in different contexts of professional practice in kidney care around the world.
These resources may also help you in identifying potential sources of ethical advice or insights into ethical challenges in kidney care. They also aim to inspire as you take action in exploring or addressing ethical issues.

Kidney Itch Book

Chronic kidney disease-associated pruritus, also known as uremic pruritus and in this book called ‘kidney itch’, is defined as itching suffered by people with chronic kidney disease who have no other condition to explain it.
Repeated scratching causes trauma, bleeding and, eventually, scarring of the skin. Kidney itch can also have far-reaching effects on quality of life, with patients’ work and social life commonly affected.
Even though kidney itch is common, it often goes undiagnosed, and when recognized, it is often inadequately treated or not treated at all.

Two New Videos: Fluid Management in PD; Dry Weight Assessment in HD

Adequate assessment of dry/target weight and fluid management decreases dialysis-related complications and mortality. Nurse members of the ISN’s Kidney Health Professionals Working Group have prepared two videos on this topic for both PD and HD.

Podcast Learning

Global Kidney Care Podcast
Season 2 Episode 5: Innovative Nursing in Nephrology - PD Catheter Insertion
Roberto Pecoits-Filho and Smeeta Sinha are joined by Elaine Bowes, Kings College NHS; Ana Elizabeth Prado Lima Figueiredo, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS; and Barbara Crisp, Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg.
All three discuss their roles on the leading edge of PD catheter insertion by nurses.

Course-based Learning


Follow the POCUS Curriculum

With the growth of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the emergency room and intensive care and cardiac units, a full POCUS examination is now considered standard procedure in many hospitals, adding a contemporary examination tool to the nephrologist’s repertoire.
Available for ISN members only.

Case-based Learning

 Interventional Nephrology (IN) Cases

Dialysis Catheter-Related SVC Syndrome and RA Thrombus - a Double Jeopardy
Balasubramaniam Jeyaraj, India
Despite resistance to venous catheters as dialysis access, use of central venous catheters (CVCs) and their inherent complications is on the rise. One dreaded complication is SVC syndrome and here we have a case with SVC thrombus and right atrial clot - a double jeopardy!
Management is not simple and straightforward either in the absence of standard guidelines. Thrombolytic agents choices abound, but data is mostly from Interventional cardiologists and neurologists. Let this case presentation kindle our thoughts and understanding of this problem.
This and all previous cases are available on the ISN Academy for ISN members only.

Learn from ISN Journals


ISN Video Abstract Series

The ISN Video Abstract Series is an initiative by the @ISNeducation Social Media Team showcasing key articles from ISN Journals on social media platforms.

Catch up on Recent Webinars

ISN Webinar:
Developments in Managing DKD - How Does it Look in Practice?
This webinar is open-access.
ISN iNET-CKD Webinar:
Building a Cohort Study - Insight from Investigators
Available for ISN members only.
ASN-ERA-ISN Kidney Ethics Webinar Series:
Equitable Living Kidney Donation - Progress and Perils
Available for ISN members only.
ISN-Cochrane Webinar:
Oral protein-based Supplements versus Placebo or No Treatment for people with Chronic Kidney Disease Requiring Dialysis
Available for ISN members only.
ISN Webinar:
Metabolic Evaluation of Patients with Kidney Stones
Available for ISN members only.
ISN-ISRNM Webinar:
Kidney Nutrition Care - Global Perspective, Current State and Strategies to Address Barriers
Available for ISN members only.
GlomCon-ISN Webinar:
Kidney Adverse Effects of Anti-Tumor Therapy
Available for ISN members only.
ISPD-ISN Webinar:
2022 Update on the ISPD Guidelines for Peritonitis Prevention and Treatment
Available for ISN members only.

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