Monday, 03 February 2014 12:53

SRC partnerships for 2014

PIC Guatemala 2012 webISN is happy to announce the results of the last round of application for the Sister Renal Center Program. CLICK HERE to read the list of active pairs and trios for this year.

This time around, ISN funded the first application from Myanmar. Japan and Finland are also acting as first time supporting centers. The Sister Renal Center Program has also agreed for a partnership with the Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN). The APSN has offered to co–fund four Sister Renal Centers at level C and one center at level B from the Asia Pacific region. The sponsorship will be for 2014 and 2015. CLICK HERE for further details about the centers involved the program this year.

The ISN Sister Renal Center program aims to enhance cooperation between nephrology centers worldwide. Its mission is to advance the practice of nephrology in the developing world by linking renal units with centers of excellence and providing different means of support and guidance. After the centers graduate from the program, they can provide state-of-the-art clinical practice, become hubs for the diffusion of knowledge, training and implementation of disease-preventive strategies within their geographical outreach. They also potentially provide support to other centers within the same geographical region through the ISN SRC Trio Program.

The next application deadline is set for September 15, 2014. For further information, CLICK HERE. To find out more about the ISN and APSN collaboration CLICK HERE.

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