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ISN Awards 2015: nominate candidates before May 30, 2014

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There are only a few days  left to submit your candidates for the ISN Awards. In the run up to the World Congress of Nephrology next year, ISN is inviting its members to put candidates forward for its three prestigious biennial awards. It is your chance to highlight someone you believe has made a difference to nephrology today and has helped advance care or research in the field.

You can put a candidate forward for several awards, including the Alfred Newton Richards Award, which recognizes outstanding basic research in fields relevant to nephrology. The Jean Hamburger Award, which recognizes outstanding research in nephrology with a clinical emphasis. Lastly, the Roscoe R. Robinson Award, which acknowledges outstanding achievements in the field of education in nephrology.

The winners of the 2015 Awards will be selected by an ISN Awards Committee, chaired by ISN President Giuseppe Remuzzi. The names selected by the Awards Committee will then be ratified by the Executive Committee and Council. The selection process is governed by ISN’s diversity policy. Members of the ISN Executive Committee are not eligible for nomination.

Please submit your proposals by filling in the online form available HERE. The password to enter is isnlive. The deadline for proposals is May 30, 2014.

 For each nominated candidate, please also send a CV by e-mail to Christine Rugurika:  Please note that the nominations will not be complete unless the CV is also received by May 30, 2014. Supporting letters (no more than three per nomination) are welcome. 
If you have any questions, please contact Christine Rugurika:

To read more about the ISN Awards, CLICK HERE.

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