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DOI principles on ethical organ donation continue to be upheld by DICG

DOIAs a collaborative effort between ISN and The Transplant Society (TTS), the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG) has been active in many arenas since the Declaration of Istanbul was first promulgated.

DICG was established in 2008 to promote the Principles and Proposals of the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism (DOI). The Declaration itself has now been endorsed by over 130 organizations and has become part of national legislation in several countries.

The DICG Board and members have been actively working to ensure that the DOI principles are upheld globally and that ethical and effective living and deceased donor practices are promoted and fostered worldwide.  

ISN and TTS have formal 'DOI" Declarations on abstract submissions. All endorsed meetings must ensure that they do not promote any science or activity that contradicts these principles.

Many other societies have adopted similar declarations, as have a number of major journals. Major meetings in nephrology and transplantation have whole sessions devoted to organ trafficking or DOI related topics, and several publications have been forthcoming in describing relevant developments.

Brochures for patients are available in multiple languages, aiming to educate desperate patients so they understand the risks they take, and dissuade them from doing so.

A network of ever vigilant DICG members have reported and continue to report on organ trafficking activities. Government and health ministry officials worldwide have been made aware of the problems their specific countries face, and have been offered assistance to ameliorate the problem. Official relations with the World Health Organization and other NGOs continue to strengthen the voice of DICG and its cause.
The tasks continue on a number of fronts: advocacy, awareness, endorsement, and education. It is through these activities that the DICG will continue to advance the case of ethical and effective transplant practice, leveraging a network of physicians, ethicists, administrators, social workers and government officials, in the promotion of its mission. CLICK HERE to read more about the activities.

The current DICG Board consists of co-chairs Dr Gabriel Danovitch (TTS) and Dr Adeera Levin (ISN), Executive Director Dr Francis Delmonico and 18 board members from ISN, TTS and other institutions or professions interested and active in the issue of organ trafficking.

For further information on the Declaration of Istanbul, CLICK HERE.


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