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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 08:24

SRC Program Level C : India - Australia

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picture india australiaEC Institute: Mehta’s Children’s Hospital, Chennai

EC Liaison officer: Dr.Sudha Ekambaram

SC Institute: Home, Independent Dialysis and Transition Services, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Brisbane (Australia)

SC Liaison officer: Dr.Peter Trnka

Name of SRC Pair: India - Australia

Pair Level: Level C


Learning objectives: 

  • Provision of journals and protocols from SC to EC
  • Research activities to be planned at EC with the guidance of SC, particularly for statistical process control and quality checks
  • Upgrade treatment modalities of renal failure with initiation of newer dialysis modalities
  • Once a month interaction with SC through skype regarding difficult cases and updating our knowledge
  • Supporting the pediatric nephrologists with sponsoring annual subscription to International Pediatric Nephrology Association


Summary of Project:

We celebrated the 11th Edition of WORLD KIDNEY DAY with the theme “Kidney disease in Children: Act early to prevent it”. We had sequence of events for all our renal children like visit to BIRLA Planetarium, a magic show, music and dance show by the children and good and safe lunch on 06/03/16.

On 10/03/16 there was free kidney health checkup for 65 children visiting our hospital for non renal symptoms, followed by an inter college quiz on renal health and disorders in children. Twenty two postgraduates in Pediatric Medicine from 11 Medical colleges participated and students from Dr. Mehta’s Children’s Hospital College and Hospital were declared as the Winner.
On the Sunday 13/03/16 a public awareness Walkathon was held at Marina Beach, early in the morning. Marina Beach is one of Worlds’ beautiful long beach and attracts people of all ages for health walk and relaxation. The walkathon was flagged off by two popular film artists with a good impact on public.

We conducted a CME on “Optimizing Management of Pediatric Renal Disorders” on 14th March with launch of ISN Sister Renal Centre Program. The CME had three eminent speakers and Dr Dwarakanathan Ranganathan from the SC was one of them whose presentation was very much informative and up-to-date. It was attended by 60 post graduate students in pediatric medicine and practicing pediatricians along with nurses.
We have also planned for a Pediatric Nephrology CME “What is Special about Pediatric Nephrology” on 1st and 2nd of Oct 2016 which is currently an annual event. This year’s CME on day one includes a Workshop on Dialysis for dialysis technicians/ nurses and Workshop on Fluids and Electrolytes in children for doctors followed by a series of talks on the second day by International and National faculties.

Our current Research study is on “A Comparative study of clinical characteristic and outcome in community acquired AKI vs Hospital acquired AKI based on Pediatric RIFLE criteria“

We have proposed a study on “Demography, Aetiology, modifiable and non-modifiable factors affecting progression among South Indian children with chronic kidney disease – A prospective study”

This year’s theme for the World Kidney day is Prevent Kidney Disease in Children: Act early to prevent it.
The Dept of Pediatric Nephrology, Dr.Mehta’s Children’s Hospital has planned a year long program:

  • Educate parents the basics of kidney anatomy and function by drawing boards and lectures, early warning signs of kidney disease, role of diet and exercise in kidney health, drugs and toxins that can injure the kidney etc and when and where to seek to medical help.
  • Educate children above 10 years of age about the harms of high salt intake, soft aerated drinks, excessive TV watching particularly during meal time, lack of physical exercise and excessive body weight.
  • Educate and familiarize Pediatrician in remote places who do not have access to revalidate their knowledge in pediatric renal medicine particularly to identify early warning signs of kidney disease, preventive method of AKI in keeping with ISN’s policy Oby25.
  • Two important messages we wish to lay emphasize are “An annual urine test for sugar and protein checks and BP examination for early detection of kidney diseases”.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2016
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • SRC Level: C
  • Region: South Asia
  • Country: India
  • Topics: Paediatric nephrology, General Nephrology
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