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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 08:30

Sister Transplant Program Level A: GUATEMALA - USA

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EC Institute: FUNDANIER/Hospital Roosevelt

EC Liaison officer: Lou-Meda Randall

SC Institute: University of California,

SC Liaison Officer: Gabriel Danovitch


Name of STC-TTC Pair: Guatemala - USA

Pair Level: A


Short Description of the project or abstract:

 World Kidney Day 2016:

For WKD 16 we had activities in order to increase Guatemalan society awareness of kidney diseases in children. Since our institution is devoted to the kidney care of pediatric patients, the celebration of WKD 16 was intense:

  1. Kidney Fair: This was the first activity of its type in Guatemala. It took place at the National Zoo, and the kids were invited to participate in educational fair games. The participants were educated about self-kidney healthcare while participating on the different games. It was an activity from kids to kids, because the patients of our programs (HD, PD and transplant) participated actively in the organization and development of the activity.
  2. Screening program for those participating in the Kidney Fair
  3. Educational Activity to Dietitians: With the participation of Dr. Joel Kopple, a well-known nephrologist from UCLA with specialization in nutrition, a Workshop on Nutritional care for Renal Patients was held in Guatemala City. A total of 30 dietitians were trained during the activity.
  4. Kidney Race: close to 1000 people participated at our 5th Kidney Race, that received coverage from the local media, with the slogan of the WKD 16 “kidney diseases in children, act early to prevent”.

Guatemala USAGuatemala USA1Guatemala USA2


Summary of Planned Activities for 2016: 

For the rest of the year 2016 we have planned:

  1. Completion of the 10-month training of our pathologist at the Nephropathology service at UCLA.
  2. Visit to Guatemala of Dr. Fernando Palma-Díaz, head of Nephropathology at UCLA. Dr. Palma-Díaz will give a Nephropathology training course for nephrologists and pathologists.The 3-day course will be opened for 25 nephrologists. Another 3-day course will be implemented for general pathoogists (15) with hands on sesssions. Dr. Palma Díaz will also work with the local nephropathology lab, in order to discuss cases, assess the need for further training and support the initial work of his trainee.
  3. The rotation of two Guatemalan pediatric nephrology fellows at the end of this year at the supporting center with emphasis in renal transplant follow up clinic and transitional clinic (adolescents going into adult clinic). The goal is to implement the transitional clinic in Guatemala.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: The Transplantation Society
  • SRC Level: A
  • Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Topics: Transplantation
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