Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:22

ISN Fellowship: latest call session results are out!

Ana Rose DY webThe ISN Fellowship Program Committee is pleased to announce the results of the latest round of applications for the 2016 Fellowship Program aimed at physicians from low-and-middle income countries wishing to pursue their nephrology training.

ISN Fellows receive hands-on training in advanced host institutions, allowing them to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in basic and clinical nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, and epidemiology. The training focuses on providing the exact skills and knowledge specifically required by the home institution.

Many thanks to our partners that will co-fund the following fellowship trainings. ISN-ANIO India Committee will co-sponsor Dr Baishya Pakesh’s fellowship. In the United Kingdom, Kidney Research UK will support Yoowannakul Suree and the Renal Association will support Solomon Nicole.

The next round of applications is now open until October 1st, 2016. To submit your application, CLICK HERE.

In all, 27 participants applied and 16 of them will be funded by ISN:

  • Judith Caroline Aujo (Uganda) training in South Africa in general nephrology
  • Zahran Ahmed (Egypt) training in the United Kingdom in transplantation
  • Tsevi Yawovi Mawufemo (Togo) training in Belgium in general nephrology
  • Biao Hermann (Benin) training in France in transplantation
  • Keita Younoussa (Senegal) training in France in renal pathology
  • Nestor Nankeu (Cameroon) training in France in global nephrology
  • Achigbu kingsley (Nigeria) training in South Africa in general nephrology
  • Baishya Pakesh (India): training in Canada in renal pathology
  • Mozo Melendez Luis Mauricio (El Salvador): training in Venezuela in interventional nephrology
  • Alvarado Ernesto (Panama): training in Mexico in general nephrology
  • Rakhmetova Assel (Kazakhstan): training in renal pathology
  • Sarishvili Nora (Georgia): training in the United Kingdom in acute kidney injury
  • Gaipov Abduzhappar (Kazakhstan): training in the United States in clinical and epidemiological research methodology
  • Tangvoraphonkchai Kamonwan (Thailand): training in the United Kingdom in dialysis and blood purification
  • Yoowannakul Suree (Thailand): training in the United Kingdom in hemodialysis
  • Solomon Nicole (Trinidad and Tobago): training in the United Kingdom in general nephrology

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