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In Memoriam Bengt Rippe

Prof RippeLund University, Sweden have announced the death of Professor Bengt Rippe, who passed away on October 20, 2016 after a period of severe illness. 

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 Bengt Rippe was Professor and Head of the Department of Nephrology at Lund University and Senior Consultant at the Department of Nephrology, Skane University Hospital Lund, Sweden.

At the age of 17, he started his studies in medicine but also in mathematics and made an impressive research career at the Department of Physiology in Gothenburg. His results contributed extensively to an increased knowledge regarding the transcapillary transport, glomerular function and the physiology of peritoneal dialysis.

His findings regarding the 'the three pore model' for transcapillary transport was revolutionary in the field, and led to the later discovery of the 'aquaporins.'

Bengt Rippe received several honours. In 1988 he received the 'Fernström' diploma for his outstanding research. Besides the extensive work at the research laboratory, he also continued his medical career and became a skilled specialist in nephrology.

Rippe was appointed Professor in Nephrology at Lund University in 1990. In addition to impressive research, Professor Rippe was also heavily involved in both teaching at the medical school at Lund University and in the clinical work at the hospital.

Professor Rippe was president of the Swedish Society of Nephrology (2003-2005) and became an important spokesman for the establishment of the Swedish Renal Registry. He was always very eager to optimize the care, diagnosis and treatment for all the kidney patients, to improve patient outcome on dialysis and to increase the awareness of the renal diseases.

Only a few days before his death, he participated in the teaching of medical students, tutored his young research fellow at the laboratory and participated in clinical discussions. We will remember the generosity with which he shared his knowledge and continue to admire the humbleness that made his greatness so evident. Bengt Rippe will be sorely missed by so many friends and colleagues.

This obituary was provided by the Swedish Society of Nephrology, and the Department of Nephrology at Lund University and Skane University Hospital.

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