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Monday, 23 January 2017 14:27

SRC Program level C : India - United Kingdom 2

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EC Institute: Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad

EC Liaison officer: Urmila Anandh

SC Institute: Heartlands Hospital Birmingham

SC Liaison Officer: Indranil Dasgupta


Name of SRC Pair: India - UK 

SRC Level: C


Learning Objective

The Emerging Center is a tertiary care nephrology hospital where a majority of the time is spent on clinical care. The majority of the patients are of advanced chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes mellitus and hypertension. In a developing country, most of the scant resources are utilised for irreversible kidney disease secondary to lifestyle issues. Also, being a tertiary care center caters to a large number of poor and rural population for whom access to nephrology services are a major issue.The center wishes to develop a robust preventive nephrology services with an emphasis on prevention of diabetic kidney disease. We wants to enhance its clinical services for patients of diabetic kidney disease not only in Hyderabad but in the districts of Telangana. The center also wishes to dedicate time and funding in some basic research on the progression of kidney disease in diabetics. As a large percentage of rural population have kidney disease not due to diabete, the center wants to learn about pathophysiology.



The nephrologists in this center are developing outreach clinics in the district town for early detection of diabetic kidney disease in rural population. A dedicated clinic for preventive nephrology with an emphasis on diabetic kidney disease is being set up.Trainee nephrologists have been assigned dissertation to understand the pathology of non diabetic kidney disease. In association with the Indian Institute of Science (Center for Nanotechnology), Bangalore, the Liason officer is developing a Point of Care device to look for albumin, hemoglobin, urea and creatinine in a single blood sample. This device is already patented and is undergoing trials. The center will be using this point of care device for early detection of diabetic kidney disease. This device is considered to be useful for the patients who come from remote areas. The device will give them a faster diagnosis and treatment solution saving them time.


Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • SRC Level: C
  • Region: South Asia
  • Country: India
  • Topics: CKD
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