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Monday, 06 March 2017 12:27

Clinical Research: CKD in High Risk Areas in Chinandega department, Nicaragua

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Dr. Sequeira Reyes

PI: Maria Josè Sequeira Reyes; Supporting investigators: Antonino Sidoti and Paolo Mazzacani

Hospital/Affiliation: Nephrology Clinic-Fundacion Coen, Chinandega, Nicaragua

Home Country: Nicaragua

Host Country: Italy

Year: started in 2017

Status of the program: IN PROGRESS

Title of the project:
CKD in High Risk Areas in Chinandega department, Nicaragua


Short description of the project or abstract:

In high risk area for CKD due to mesoamerican nephropathy an epidemiological study in 12-22 y.o. people in Chinandega department an area in the Pacific coastal part of Nicaragua, involving four municipalities: El Viejo, Chichigalpa, Corinto, El Realejo. Sugarcane Plantations, the largest of Nicaragua and the biggest port of Nicaragua are  present in this area. Work activities at sea level like sugarcane and work in ships' holds at port are already been described as connected with kidney damage and with mortality from CKD in very young age.
A double stage cluster randomization with recruitment of 1600 people in 10 schools and more than 20 barrios and comarcas, with visit and exams performed at participants home or at schools, via a mobile clinic, would allow the investigation of factors not connected with labor or indicating area of residency as risk factors, drinking water supply, alcool and smoke habits, automedication drugs and attitude giving a questionnaire.
Anthropometric measurements, blood pressure measurements, evaluation of familiarity for diabetes. Estimated glomerular filtration rate is calculated,  urinary abnormalities are detected.
A follow up of two years after baseline visit is performed. This facilitates access to nephrology treatments to people unaware of CKD with the possibility of free anti-hypertensive, multivitamins, oral hypoglycemic drugs.

Learning or research objectives:

a) measure prevalence of CKD at young age in the area with the higher risk of CKD in Nicaragua

b) investigate associations of CKD cases with risk factors connected or not connected with occupation

c) Treat early kidney failure in a low income country without a national program of dialysis and transplantation

Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Topics: CKD
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