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Exciting times for learning

Moving from a traditional classroom to an exciting, widely interactive and community-based online learning platform, the ISN Academy portal and app focus on quality and variety of content for everybody’s training needs.

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Following the launch of the ISN Academy during the ISN World Congress of Nephrology in Mexico City, ISN members, old and new, have visited the portal and downloaded the app to start making use of over 7500 pieces of content, organized into certified e-learning curriculums.

Vivekanand Jha, Chair of the ISN Education Committee, explains more about gathering and reviewing the resources: ‘The first years of ISN Education were focused on content aggregation, acquiring content from renowned partners and experts in the field. In this current phase, our focus is shifting to better organizing and packaging so that users can derive the most from it.’

Tushar Vachharajani, Deputy Chair of the ISN Education Committee was instrumental in establishing the now popular ISN Webinar series in 2015 and contributed significantly in the early phase of building collaborations, content building and promoting the online platform.

By the end of 2018, the ISN Academy team will have developed one e-learning curriculum for each topic. Every month, they will promote a new nephrology topic channel.

The Editorial Content Coordinator Tejas Desai, ISN Staff and designated Topic Experts from the Education Committee, review, select and structure the educational content into a coherent learning curriculum. The curriculum is broken down into e-learning programs organized by sub-topics, which consist of 1-10 e-learning modules, or program steps.

The primary focus is to measure and credit a user’s mastery of any given learning objective, and consider a nephrologist’s time constraints when wanting to partake in online education activities.

There will also be interactive quizzes throughout the curriculum to assess learning, and each step is designed to last no longer than 60 minutes. The Academy has the capability to track and save user progress, so nephrologists can complete e-curriculums in shorter increments.

The Academy continues to organize regular webinars on educational topics in multiple languages.

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