Thursday, 22 March 2018 16:09

ISN launches advocacy campaign to address kidney disease as a priority

ISN is calling on member states to address kidney disease as a priority at the upcoming United Nations (UN) High-Level Meeting (HLM) on non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

‘The 2018 HLM on NCDs and its preparatory process are essential opportunities to take action on tackling kidney disease. Despite being a rapidly growing disease burden and being a prominent co-morbidity of heart disease and diabetes, kidney disease has yet to be included in global health policy discussions. We look to this 2018 HLM to address this crucial policy gap and to improve the kidney health of future generations,’ said ISN Advocacy Chair Adeera Levin.

For this purpose, ISN has developed a priorities briefing paper to inform contributors to the UN HLM process about the importance of kidney disease and highlight best practice policy solutions.

Download the briefing paper and other material HERE.

How you can support ISN’s 2018 HLM campaign:

  • You are a policy maker participating in the preparatory process of the 2018 HLM on NCDs: Address the omit of kidney disease in the global NCD agenda to date by supporting commitments to the actions outlined in ISN’s briefing paper
  • You are a national policy maker: Support the implementation of the policy asks outlined in ISN’s briefing paper and encourage your administration to raise the profile of kidney disease during the 2018 HLM on NCDs
  • You are a civil society organization (NGO, association, foundation): Spread the message of ISN’s policy asks and help us reach a wider audience worldwide. Contact your policy liaisons and ask them to the support the policy asks during the 2018 HLM on NCDs and to implement them at local level.

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