Thursday, 05 April 2018 16:45

Following up on care with Albania's nephrology community

Group photo CME AlbaniaSome 130 participants joined a panel of international and local speakers in Tirana, Albania for the first ISN Continuing Medical Education Program in the country.

Together they aimed to put the spotlight on chronic kidney disease (CKD) and teach more about how to improve follow-up and renal replacement therapy.

This event was endorsed by ISN and organized by the Albanian Society of Nephrology.

Rumeyza CME Albani

Rumeyza Kazancioglu, Vladimir Tesar, Halima Resic, Marina Ratkovic and Goce Spasovski shared their knowledge about CKD and renal replacement therapy. They also promoted the benefits of applying for the ISN Sister Center Programs that are building valuable training partnership between over 65 centers worldwide.

Speaker CME AlbaniaAs the incidence and the burden of kidney disease is rising in so many countries, investing in preventive measures and educating the public and the medical community is so important to improve patient treatment.

Myftar Barbullushi, who organized this course, says that local doctors are working on developing a program for nephrology over the next three years to improve prevention, early referral and the treatment of CKD.

Dr Barbullushi adds: 'We had great expectations for this CME and we believe our hopes were realized: high-quality presentations and helpful discussions with ISN speakers.'

Every year, the ISN Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program brings essential teaching and training to some 14,000 doctors and healthcare practitioners in the emerging world.

Applications must be sent at least three months prior to the start of the meeting. CLICK HERE for more information. CLICK HERE to view upcoming ISN CME meetings.


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