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Tuesday, 08 May 2018 17:06

Baxter and ISN collaborate to address growing prevalence of kidney disease Featured

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ISN has announced a partnership to advance chronic kidney disease (CKD) awareness and help improve access to therapy, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) – commonly referenced as emerging countries – where the disease prevalence is growing the fastest.

The collaboration will support greater disease and therapy research and education, as well as work to help establish better care models that support high standards of care at a lower cost in LMIC.

'ISN and Baxter’s collaboration aims to address the urgent and growing challenge kidney disease is causing healthcare systems in providing quality care to patients globally,” said David Harris, M.D., ISN President, University of Sydney, Australia. “Our organization is dedicated to connecting communities to collaborate on supporting greater access to care models that focus on how to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.'

Read the full statement HERE.

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