Wednesday, 23 May 2018 09:19

In memory of Dr Filoteo Alano

Dr Alano portraitIt is with great sadness that ISN announces the passing of Dr Filoteo Alano, a pioneer of nephrology in the Philippines and co-founder of the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN).

Dr Filoteo gathered the first trained Filipino nephrologists and, along with his colleagues, formed the Philippine Society of Nephrology in 1971. He helped set standards of practice in the country and was involved in organizing the first annual convention in 1974.

The collaboration between PSN and ISN developed during the seventies, when Herman Villareal, ISN Secretary General at the time, attended the inauguration of the first PSN convention. Dr Alano wrote a brief history of PSN from his perspective in the first issue of the Philippine Journal of Nephrology.

In its memoriam to Dr Alano, PSN stated: ‘We remember with awe the many obstacles that our pioneers had to overcome, and the intrepid spirit of our founding president who helped enable the establishment of many of the features of our society that we take for granted today – our constitution and by-laws, our organizational structure, our scientific journal, our annual convention with its regular staple of international speakers, our engagement with the many stakeholders in renal health - not just the health workforce but also government, non-government agencies and industry.’

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