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Gain the skills to improve care in your region

CME Russia audienceThrough the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program, you work with a great number of experienced and knowledgeable teachers to improve care and discuss strategies and ideas to expand services for patients in your region.

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What's in it for you?

  • Your healthcare workforce gets a chance to partner with other renal professionals, strengthen their skills and gain practical advice to expand nephrology services across your region
  • We help you design a tailored course suited to your local or regional training needs
  • ISN funds the travel of up to three international speakers to supplement your panel of educators.

We are dedicated to increasing the dialogue between all nephrology communities.

  • Helping more health professionals to connect
  • Exchange knowledge and support each other when caring for patients
  • Strengthen nephrology services throughout participating countries.

Applications are open online all year. Just make sure you apply three months before your scheduled event, click here. Any questions or need support to apply? Email:

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