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Ivory Coast: Strengthening nephrology treatment for young patients

Saving Young Lives EAP Ivory Coast team at tableISN Educational Ambassador Stefano Picca from the Children’s Research Hospital in Rome (Italy) recently collaborated with Laurence Adonis-Koffy at Abidjan’s Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yopougon (Ivory Coast) to design a much-needed lecture on pediatric acute kidney injury, its causes and treatment.

This training was held at the University hospital for all members of the pediatric staff and made possible with support from Saving Young Lives.  

Doctors in Ivory Coast are faced with an enormous challenge when treating patients with acute kidney injury (AKI). There is no epidemiologic data on adults or children with AKI. On the basis of clinical experience, children most likely develop AKI because of infectious diseases and dehydration.  

Saving Young Lives EAP Ivory Coast trainingDr Picca's visit was specifically organized to help local staff deal with the high rate of catheter malfunctions they were experiencing.

A meeting with pediatric nephrologists focused on diagnosing AKI and chronic kidney disease so doctors can choose the type of dialysis to go ahead with.

Nurses in the unit are currently assisting hemodialysis patients. Until now, only one nurse had previous experience with peritoneal dialysis. The plan is to transfer this competence to other nurses.

The Yopougon unit is in a relatively good position compared to other centers in low-resources countries as it counts three surgeons who are available to place peritoneal dialysis catheters.

Ten years ago, Laurence Adonis-Koffy helped set up a fully equipped independent pediatric nephrology unit at the University Hospital of Yopougon. Two doctors are now working full time at the unit. Every year, about 650 patients are seen in consultation or admitted to the renal ward per year.

In 2013, through Saving Young Lives partneship and funding from Sustainable Kidney Care Foundation (SKCF), the team got the training they needed to establish a peritoneal program to treat children with AKI.

The program at the Yopougon unit also sets out to increase awareness about acute kidney injury as a public health problem. A support group was also developed through the Association for Kidney Disease Children’s Parents.

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