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Cho Ray Hospital: A portrait of Vietnam’s training center of excellence

Centre of training excellence VietnamAfter many years of partnership with Westmead Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Australia), Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) has become a center of excellence, developing cross-regional training programs.

Speaking during the Voices of Sister Centers session at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology, Huong Tran explains her own ISN Fellowship experience and how it created the framework for building training programs. She began sharing knowledge, expanded training opportunities for her colleagues and ‘developed important links with hospitals in Australia.’

Harris and Allen CME 2009Cho Ray Hospital started an ISN Sister Renal Center Partnership with Westmead Hospital led by Prof David Harris. A team from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, led by Prof Richard Allen, also participated in training visits to the center.

Dr Tran: ‘The most impressive achievement is the deceased donor transplantation program, with the allocation unit, the immunology lab with the technologists trained at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. The second point is the development of the vascular surgeons who are now in charge to 90% of the vascular access. For the nephrologists, the core change depended on the pathologist and ISN Fellowship.’

When it comes to renal pathology, she believes it’s not just about the training. Her fellowship training helped her raise awareness about the vital role renal pathologists play in treating patients.

Prof Tran Centre VietnamTheir importance wasn’t highlighted in the past, even though their role is key to a more precise diagnosis and more effective treatment, especially in the case of kidney transplants and follow up,’ she says.

Setting up a telemedicine system was especially valuable for the staff at Cho Ray Hospital to lend them support when treating their patients. The four hours difference with Australia is ideal for conference calls between the teams so they can carry out their rounds in the morning and ask questions on cases in the afternoon.

Read more about the ISN Programs and about the activities surrounding this partnership, HERE.

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