Friday, 19 July 2019 14:11

CME interventional nephrology training in Nigeria

Group picture day CME Nigeria 2019With support from the ISN Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program, the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital and the George Institute for Global Health in India organized a specific training course on interventional nephrology, specifically tailored to the needs of nephrologists in resource-poor settings.

Lecture session CME Nigeria 2019Some 77 participants from across four of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria gathered in Enugu, Nigeria to learn about interventional nephrology.

ISN President Vivekanand Jha was joined by Professor Elmi Muller and Professor Sani Alhassan to share knowledge on this topic and explain the role of ISN’s educational programs, especially the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program that focuses on the collaboration between renal centers worldwide.

This panel of experts was joined by a group of ISN Fellows who shared their experiences of the training and the value it brought to the expansion of their career and helped improve nephrology care in their regions.

Testimonies were presented by Professor Ejikeme Arodiwe, Dr Odetunde Odutola, Dr ONU Ugochi Chika and Dr Fidelis Oguejiofor.

Pediatric renal biopsy session CME Nigeria 2019On the organization of this meeting, Professor Ifeoma Ulasi said: ‘We are grateful to ISN as this program has enabled the participants to see that it is feasible to practice interventional nephrology even in resource-poor settings. These hands-on programs gave participants the opportunity for practical experience.’

Following this successful CME program, the organizers believe that this meeting will lead to more involvement in the ISN Programs, especially the ISN Education Programs which will help them gain access to training to set up a sustainable renal transplant program in the future.

Find out more about the ISN Continuing Medical Education Program, HERE.

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