Tuesday, 24 September 2019 07:25

ISN, supported by ERA-EDTA and ASN, calls for kidney disease inclusion in member states UHC plan

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ISN urges member states to truly uphold to their commitment to ‘leave no-one behind’. On NCDs, the declaration stresses mainly 5 disease groups without recognising that 55% of the global NCD burden arises from other NCDs, which often co-exist with and amplify the morbidity of the big 5. With 850.000.000 people affected worldwide, kidney disease is a key contributor to the global NCD burden as both a cause & consequence of other major NCDs and the leading cause of catastrophic health expenditure. If not addressed, it’s projected to become the 5th most common cause of YLL globally by 2040.

Multi-morbidities, shared disease clusters & social determinants are creating significant challenges for patient access to prevention & care ashealth systems are still configured to treat individual diseases.

ISN calls on member states to implement UHC plans which:

  • Strive for health systems that deliver people-centered, integrated, multisectoral and comprehensive services aimed at prevention, early detection and treatment of all NCDs and their risk factors, leaving no disease behind
  • Secure sustained human &financial resources to ensure a comprehensiveand holisticresponse to NCDs.

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ISN President Vivek Jha at UNGA in NYC

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