Thursday, 26 September 2019 09:00

ISN leaders advise in successful Indonesia Stakeholder Meeting

ISN Ex-President David Harris and Oceania and South East Asia Regional Board Chair Adrian Liew traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia on June 27th, 2019 to co-facilitate a one-day stakeholder meeting together with the Indonesian Society of Nephrology (PERNEFRI) with the goal of developing a roadmap for integrated kidney care in Indonesia. The meeting included 54 Participants from 10 different stakeholder groups across Indonesia, including the Ministry of Health, medical societies, patient groups and industry. An opening speech was given by Dr. Bambang Wibowo, Director General of Health Services of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, as well as by Dr. Aida Lydia Sutranto, PERNEFRI President and PERNEFRI Project Manager Dr. Rubin Surachno. 

The meeting consisted mainly of working sessions within the 3 pre-defined Focus Groups: CAPD, Kidney Disease Services (Reimbursements, Referral System and Regulations), and Pre-Dialysis Care and Prevention. Groups were asked to identify obstacles within these topics and develop action plans (with concrete timelines) to overstep these obstacles. All focus group sessions were observed and guided by ISN Leaders David Harris and Adrian Liew. By the end of the Stakeholder Meeting, each Focus Group had a final version of their focus group report and action plan that was presented to all stakeholder participants for final comments and consensus.

After this very successful stakeholder meeting, all stakeholders are in the process of finalizing an over-arching Roadmap for Integrated Kidney care in Indonesia, which aims to be released by the end of the year. 

Indonesia group photo

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