Wednesday, 02 October 2019 15:03

Executive Committee Member, Fergus Caskey, presents ISN Pioneer Award at BANTAO

Fergus Caskey represented the Executive Committee at the 15th BANTAO Congress in Skopje, North Macedonia, that took place in September. Dr. Caskey presented Halima Resic with the ISN 2019 Pioneer Award in recognition of her research into the effects of frailty and depression on the nutritional status of hemodialysis patients.

In addition to her roles as academic, researcher, and clinician, Professor Resic is an active ISN volunteer leader. ISN congratulates Professor Resic, and the organizers of BANTAO for providing a valuable platform to present innovative research in nephrology.

ISN is pleased to have supported several speakers to attend this event through the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program: Vladimir Tesar from the Czech Republic, Raymond Vanholder from Belgium, and Rumeyza Kazancioglu from Turkey, all gave talks at the ISN CME session “Possibility and treatment of the CKD progression and complications.”

Meeting with Fergus

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