Monday, 24 February 2020 09:54

KI Supplements publishes papers on increasing access to integrated ESKD care worldwide

Kidney International Supplements (KIS) has published a set of papers describing the background, rationale, and action plans for developing a strategic approach to increase access to integrated end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) care worldwide over the next decade. Read this special edition here.

Following March 2018's second Global Kidney Health Summit organised by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), the primary paper of the Summit, 'Increasing access to integrated ESKD care as part of Universal Health Coverage,’ was published in April 2019. Additional outputs from the diverse globally-representative multidisciplinary group of authors are now being published in KIS.

A range of issues relevant to the care of patients with ESKD, especially in the resource limited settings of low and lower-middle-income countries, have been discussed in the papers. They include global differences in the incidence and prevalence of ESKD and modality of care; ethical principles and advocacy for integrated care; sustainable dialytic care; safety and quality standards; and kidney transplantation and supportive care as components of integrated care. Two additional papers discuss findings of a survey that gathered global data on dialysis funding, eligibility, procurement, and monitoring, and assembled 88 clinical protocols, and present a series of 15 country case studies documenting context-driven variability in approaches to kidney care while demonstrating the potential advantages of multi-stakeholder engagement.

Each article includes perspectives from around the globe, represents the current state of knowledge, critically evaluates gaps and offers concrete suggestions to address those gaps. 

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