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Access and Present Region-specific Slides based on the ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas (GKHA) 2019

The ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas team has prepared summary slides of the ISN GKHA 2019 focusing on each ISN region individually.

ISN invites members to share the results from their region with colleagues and key stakeholders to support discussions on and advocate for kidney health care with relevant national and regional health/policy/education officials.

The new material contains background information on the project as well as desk research and survey data from 2019. A user manual and narrative script, in support of the PowerPoint presentation, are also available to download.

 The documents* for each region (Africa, Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, Middle East, NIS and Russia, North America and the Caribbean, North and East Asia, Oceania and South East Asia, South Asia, Western Europe) are

 Available here



Use region-specific presentations during the current global novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Find key results from your region through scorecards (available in the presentation) and share via social media or other media and press channels.

 The ISN welcomes your input on these presentations. Please contact us at

* user manual; ISN GKHA 2019 presentation slides of each ISN region; presentation script on each ISN region.

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