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ISN-H4KH Research Abstracts Published in Kidney International Reports

In 2018, Sandra Wagner (France), Angie Aguilar-Gonzalez (Guatemala), and Amarasiri de Silva (Sri Lanka/USA) received ISN-H4KH (Hydration for Kidney Health) Grants for their respective projects.

All three recipients had their abstracts accepted for presentation at WCN’20 and, consequently, published in Kidney International Reports.

Sandra Wagner et al. investigated the association between Uosm and eGFR decline; and the risk for end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) in patients with moderate or advanced CKD.

SAT-095 Urine Osmolarity And Chronic Kidney Disease Progression In The Ckd-Rein Cohort, Wagner, S. et al., Kidney International Reports, Volume 5, Issue 3, S43

Angie Aguilar-Gonzalez et al. evaluated the fluid intake in healthy Guatemalan children and adolescents; considering volumes and types of fluid and timing of consumption in an area of high prevalence of kidney disease of unknown cause.

SAT-125 Hydration Patterns In Guatemalan Children And Adolescents In An Area With High Prevalence Of Chronic Kidney Disease Of Unknown Cause, AGUILAR, A. et al., Kidney International Reports, Volume 5, Issue 3, S53 - S54

Amarasiri de Silva examined whether the prevalence and progression of CKDu in patients were reduced as a result of introducing reverse osmosis (RO) water as an alternative form of drinking water and how affected people in the region perceived the changes brought about by the new source of drinking water.

SUN-133 The Effects On Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease Of Unknown Etiology In Sri Lanka Of The Use Of Purified And Reverse Osmosis Water For Drinking, DE SILVA, A., Kidney International Reports, Volume 5, Issue 3, S256 - S257

The Hydration for Kidney Health (H4KH) Research Initiative was supported by Danone Nutricia Research.

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