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Apply to the ISN Emerging Leaders Program (ELP): Register for the ELP Webinar for Details

Applications to the ISN Emerging Leaders Program are now open, apply here. The application session is open until June 15, 2020.

The ISN welcomes early-career professionals interested in shaping the direction of kidney health to work alongside a network of international healthcare experts to develop leadership skills.

Find out more about the ISN ELP Program here.

A webinar will be broadcast on May 18 and 20 to provide more information on the program including scope, opportunities, eligibility criteria, applications, and program timeline.

Please choose the time and date that is most convenient and register before the webinar:

Webinar May 18 at 11 am CEST

Webinar May 20 at 5 pm CEST

 Register now
 Register now


ISN President, Vivek Jha (India), will be the main presenter and moderator. Members of the ELP Steering Committee, including Rumeyza Kazancioglu (Turkey), Adrian Liew (Singapore), and Saraladevi Naicker (South Africa), will be present to guide you through the program and answer questions.

Contact Marie-Pierre Smal at for more information.

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