This ISN webinar will help participants understand the role of iron in physiology and pathology, iron deficiency and iron overload, safety of iron formulations and drawbacks of iron therapy (infections, oxydative stress). 

This ISN webinar will guide participants through approaches to the management of SLE in low and middle income countries (LMIC) with reference to South Africa. This webinar aims to demonstrate that early recognition is important, acute disease requires aggressive immunosuppression, renal biopsy is helpful in management and a multidisciplinary team is probably the best when it comes to SLE management in LMIC.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 11:49

Webinar: HIV Nephropathy

This ISN webinar will guide participants through APOL1 genetic variants predispose to HIVAN, viral factors contributing to renal injury with HIV include direct infection of podocytes and renal tubular epithelial cells as well as the HIV proteins Nef and Vpr, will demonstrate how all patients with HIV-associated kidney diseases should receive cART and how HIV-positive individuals should undergo annual screening of renal function.

This ISN-KDIGO co-produced webinar will define a conceptual framework for palliative care and discuss the key recommendations in 5 areas of palliative care from the KDIGO Controversies Conference on Supportive Care in CKD: a) a) Symptom assessment and management b) Estimating prognosis c) Shared decision-making and advance care planning d) Withdrawal of dialysis e)Comprehensive conservative care


Session 1: Organization Models: Dialysis Networks

This ISN-KDIGO co-produced webinar will help one understand the clinical course of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), understand the assessment of disease progression in ADPKD using imaging modalities including magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound and become knowledgable regarding new therapeutic approaches for ADPKD.

The ISN presents a selection of images, articles and abstracts from Kidney International - Volume 13, Issue 1, Jan 2015 - from our editorial office in Japan.

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