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Tuesday, 29 March 2016 14:11

Fellow: Alma Halilcevic Terzic From Tuzla

A Halilcevis terzic

Name of Fellow: Dr Alma Halilcevic Terzic, MSc,MD

Home Centre: University Clinical Centre Tuzla

Host Centre: Royal Preston Hospital


Training Duration: 6 months as from 1/02/2016


Learning objectives

  • Obtaining experience in preparation and assessment of the kidney recipient candidates for renal transplantation
  • Understanding the work up protocol for both the donor and the recipient through the dedicated live donor and recipient clinic
  • Short and long term follow up of transplant patients in the outpatient clinics and inpatient department
  • Orientation of the immunosuppressive protocols and its modification on individual basis

Profile Description and Training plan:

  • Full access to all training and educational opportunities at Lancashire Teaching hospitals in relation to kidney transplantation and in particular potential kidney recipient assessment
  • Planning to set up a kidney recipient assessment system in the EC(Emerging Center) similar to the SC (Supporting Center) including; dedicated kidney recipient assessment clinics, kidney recipient assessment protocol according to stages, Multidisciplinary team meetings with mutliprofessionals approach including developing the role of recipient coordinator, and listing of kidney recipient with annual review protocol.
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