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SRC Program Level C : Sri Lanka - UK

EC Institute: Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children

EC Liaison officer: Dr. Randula Ranawaka

SC Institute: Birmingham Children’s Hospital

SC Liaison officer: Dr. David Milford

Name of SRC Pair: Srilanka – United Kingdom

Pair Level: Level C


Learning objectives:

  • To initiate and function paediatric renal transplant program in Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children
  • To expand the facilities for CAPD and HD
  • To initiate a collaborative study between two institutes


  • To start a new paediatric transplant program in Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children with technical assistance from SC
  • Educational visit from SC to EC in the view of organizing a work shop and CME activities


Nigeria SA 1bisEC Institute: Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital Sokoto, Nigeria

EC Liaison officer: Dr M.A. Makusidi

SC Institute: University of Cape Town, South Africa

SC Liaison officer: Prof. Ikechi Okpechi



Name of SRC: Nigeria - South Africa


Short description of the project or abstract:

The primary aim of the sister renal centre collaboration between Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH), Sokoto, Nigeria and University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa is to improve the standard of nephrology practice at UDUTH through training in clinical nephrology, dialysis, renal pathology and interventional nephrology by UCT members of staff. This will assist the UDUTH renal unit to grow with the ultimate goal of commencing renal transplant services within the next 5 years. This aim will be achieved through serial meeting and training of UDUTH staff facilitated by UCT renal unit personnel. 

Learning objectives:

  • Interaction with hospital management to improve future training support
  • Lectures on various aspects of kidney diseases
  • Review of difficult clinical cases being managed at our center via telemedicine
  • How to set up and maintain a renal service effectively

Nigeria SA 4bisNigeria SA 2bis



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SRC Program Level C : Nepal - UK

picture Nepal UKEC Institute: Charak Memorial Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal

EC Liaison officer: Dr Klara Paudel

SC Institute: Barts Health NHS Trust, The Royal London Hospital

SC Liaison officer: Dr Stanley Fan


Name of SRC Pair: Nepal - UK

SRC Level: Level C 

Short description of the project

The SRC pair is aimed to establish a new nephrology center in the Western Region of Nepal, where there were no any nephrology services in the past. Besides providing regular care for end-stage kidney disease patients in the form of hemodialysis, the emerging center has established the first peritoneal dialysis program in the region and is trying to help other hospitals as well to establish the program by providing training to staff and support. The emerging center is also dedicated to train all dialysis nurses of the region by regular CME activities and also conducts courses for young doctors to develop basic skills in nephrology. The center is also focusing on patient education and social activities among kidney patients.



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SRC Program Level C : Mexico - USA

picture mexico USEC Institute: Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez

EC Liaison officer: Magdalena Madero, MD

SC Institute: University of Illinois at Chicago

SC Liaison officer: James P. Lash



Name of SRC Pair: US-Mexico

SRC Level: Level C


Short description of the project or abstract:

This project will strengthen the partnership that already exists between the Department of Nephrology at the National Institute of Cardiology in Mexico City, Mexico, and the Division of Nephrology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The staff at the emerging center will receive training in relevant clinical areas of kidney transplantation and immunology, as well as basic aspects of clinical research via periodic televised conferences.
In addition, the supporting center will provide on-demand consultation in clinical and research areas including pharmacology and clinical research methodology.


Learning objectives:

  • Improve medical knowledge in clinical areas of kidney transplantation including transplant immunology, management of high risk kidney transplant (e.g. ABO incompatible, HIV, morbid obesity).
  • Provide basic training in clinical research methodology via online courses and periodic teleconferences.
  • Be available for statistical consultation pertaining to ongoing clinical research projects at the EC, as well as editing of manuscripts reporting clinical research findings.
  • Provide access to Doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD) with expertise in medication management in CKD and end-stage renal disease.


picture mexico US 1


picture india australiaEC Institute: Mehta’s Children’s Hospital, Chennai

EC Liaison officer: Dr.Sudha Ekambaram

SC Institute: Home, Independent Dialysis and Transition Services, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Brisbane (Australia)

SC Liaison officer: Dr.Peter Trnka

Name of SRC Pair: India - Australia

Pair Level: Level C


Learning objectives: 

  • Provision of journals and protocols from SC to EC
  • Research activities to be planned at EC with the guidance of SC, particularly for statistical process control and quality checks
  • Upgrade treatment modalities of renal failure with initiation of newer dialysis modalities
  • Once a month interaction with SC through skype regarding difficult cases and updating our knowledge
  • Supporting the pediatric nephrologists with sponsoring annual subscription to International Pediatric Nephrology Association


Summary of Project:

We celebrated the 11th Edition of WORLD KIDNEY DAY with the theme “Kidney disease in Children: Act early to prevent it”. We had sequence of events for all our renal children like visit to BIRLA Planetarium, a magic show, music and dance show by the children and good and safe lunch on 06/03/16.

On 10/03/16 there was free kidney health checkup for 65 children visiting our hospital for non renal symptoms, followed by an inter college quiz on renal health and disorders in children. Twenty two postgraduates in Pediatric Medicine from 11 Medical colleges participated and students from Dr. Mehta’s Children’s Hospital College and Hospital were declared as the Winner.
On the Sunday 13/03/16 a public awareness Walkathon was held at Marina Beach, early in the morning. Marina Beach is one of Worlds’ beautiful long beach and attracts people of all ages for health walk and relaxation. The walkathon was flagged off by two popular film artists with a good impact on public.

We conducted a CME on “Optimizing Management of Pediatric Renal Disorders” on 14th March with launch of ISN Sister Renal Centre Program. The CME had three eminent speakers and Dr Dwarakanathan Ranganathan from the SC was one of them whose presentation was very much informative and up-to-date. It was attended by 60 post graduate students in pediatric medicine and practicing pediatricians along with nurses.
We have also planned for a Pediatric Nephrology CME “What is Special about Pediatric Nephrology” on 1st and 2nd of Oct 2016 which is currently an annual event. This year’s CME on day one includes a Workshop on Dialysis for dialysis technicians/ nurses and Workshop on Fluids and Electrolytes in children for doctors followed by a series of talks on the second day by International and National faculties.

Our current Research study is on “A Comparative study of clinical characteristic and outcome in community acquired AKI vs Hospital acquired AKI based on Pediatric RIFLE criteria“

We have proposed a study on “Demography, Aetiology, modifiable and non-modifiable factors affecting progression among South Indian children with chronic kidney disease – A prospective study”

This year’s theme for the World Kidney day is Prevent Kidney Disease in Children: Act early to prevent it.
The Dept of Pediatric Nephrology, Dr.Mehta’s Children’s Hospital has planned a year long program:

  • Educate parents the basics of kidney anatomy and function by drawing boards and lectures, early warning signs of kidney disease, role of diet and exercise in kidney health, drugs and toxins that can injure the kidney etc and when and where to seek to medical help.
  • Educate children above 10 years of age about the harms of high salt intake, soft aerated drinks, excessive TV watching particularly during meal time, lack of physical exercise and excessive body weight.
  • Educate and familiarize Pediatrician in remote places who do not have access to revalidate their knowledge in pediatric renal medicine particularly to identify early warning signs of kidney disease, preventive method of AKI in keeping with ISN’s policy Oby25.
  • Two important messages we wish to lay emphasize are “An annual urine test for sugar and protein checks and BP examination for early detection of kidney diseases”.
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SRC Program Level C : Egypt - UK

picture egypt UKEC Institute: Tanta Nephrology unit - Faculty of Medicine Tanta University- Egypt

EC Liaison officer: Prof. KamalOkasha

SC Institute: Sheffield Kidney Institute- University of Sheffield- UK

SC Liaison officer: Prof. Ahmed Halawa


Name of SRC Pair: UK and Egypt

SRC Level: Level C


Learning objectives: 

  • Providing both technical advices in various aspects of nephrology and transplantation on request (surgical, medical and radiological)
  • Supplying leaflets and CD to support high quality care
  • Frequent visits between the supporting centre and the emerging centre for clinicians, nurses and transplant coordinators to: a- Educational support through lectures and siminars b- Updating the emerging centre on recent guidelines and protocols c- Providing the training required to support the transplant programme on site and in Sheffield


  • Real time renal biopsy
  • Permenant catheters for HD
  • Nephropathology meetings
  • To establish low clearance clinic, nephrology MDT, AKI management protocol and peritoneal dialysis programm


picture egypt 2EC Institute: Faculty of medicine - Menoufia University - Shebeen El-Kom, Egypt
EC Liaison officer: Prof HanyElbarbary

SC Institute: Damanhur Medical National Institute, Egypt
SC Liaison officer: Dr Zaghloul Gouda

Mentor Institute:
Sheffield Kidney Institute, UK
Mentor Liaison officer: Prof Ahmed Halawa

Name of SRC Trio : Egypt – Egypt – UK

SRC Level: Level B


Short description of the project:

  • CKD epidemiology:This will be helped by the experience and the web-based program funded by the supporting center in the field of early detection and prevention of NCDs gained from the mentor center in the past through the ISN research and prevention award ''EGIPT CKD Project''. The SC will provide online ''Save kidneys and heart program'' to the EC for free.
  • Kidney transplantation program: The mentor center through its experience in this field will help in structuring of the transplantation program by: Train young nephrologists and surgeons in the field of transplantation, establish and train transplant coordinators, establish MDT, train anesthetists and intensivists on the peri-operative management of transplantation, train nurses on bed-side management of renal transplantation, establish the principle of mortality and morbidity, support the emerging living related program and work towards establishment of deceased donor transplantation, and train surgeons and nephrologists on management of CKD-mineral bone disease.
  • Implementation of CAPD: this will be helped by the team of CAPD in the SC and the onsite training.
  • Renal Pathology Support: will be supported by visits from the mentor center including involvement in Renal Pathology master Classes.
  • Nephrology related surgery including: by visits for the lead surgeon Prof Ahmed Halawa from the Mentor center and the trained team from the SC in the field of parathyroidectomy, vascular access, Kidney Transplantation.
  • Frequent visits between the supporting center and the emerging center for clinicians, nurses and transplant coordinators.

Learning objectives:

  • Supporting CKD early detection and AKI epidemiology
  • Implementing kidney transplantation program
  • Implementing CAPD Program
  • Supporting renal histopathology
  • Implementing parathyroidectomy for secondary hyperparathyroidism related to ESRD
  • Promoting community awareness by chronic non communicable diseases
  • Supporting nursing education


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SRC Program Level C : China - USA

EC Institute: Peking Union Medical College Hospital

EC Liaison officer: Gang Chen

SC Institute: Massachusetts General Hospital

SC Liaison officer: Jie Cui

Name of SRC Pair: China-USA

SRC Level: Level C


Short description of the project:

The sister unit between Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) was officially set up in 2015 by ISN. After first meeting at American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week in 2014, the division chiefs from both MGH and PUMCH showed great interests in the collaboration.

In March 2015, the team from PUMCH renal division visited MGH, attended renal grand rounds, fellow lectures, journal clubs and various lab meetings. The faculties from PUMCH were impressed by MGH’s research and education training system, the high productivity and independency of the junior faculties.

In June 2015, the faculties from MGH visited PUMCH to present their work in a continuity medical education seminar, which was attended by nephrologists across China. The team from PUMCH also presented their clinical work and research projects to MGH. After these exchange activities, both divisions showed ethusiastism and genuine for further collaboration. PUMCH, one of the best hospitals in China, has a large patient population and clinical cases, however, due to lack of formal research training, faculties have difficulties to perform high impact research. The goal of this collaboration is to provide formal research and clinical training to the faculties from PUMCH. As the leading hospital in China, PUMCH can set up as an example and train community nephrologists in China. 

Learning objectives:

  • Clinical Research Training: The emerging center will send 1-2 physicians per year to the supporting center to get formal clinical research training. The physicians sent from the emerging center have some clinical research experiences in China, the goal is to get a formal training and systemically learn how to perform good clinical research. The physicians will attend clinical research course held by Harvard Medical school. The physicians will also join clinical research faculties lab from MGH and be supervised by experienced clinical research faculties. Upon completion of the visit, the physicians would be able to design and perform a research project independently
  • Basic Research Training: The emerging center will send 1 to 2 fellows or junior attendings to MGH to receive basic research training. The postdocs will join an investigator’s lab and conduct a basic research project under the supervision of his/her PI at MGH and PUMCH. The postdocs will present to his/her PI regularly in the joint lab meeting. He is also encouraged to present his/her work at the national meeting.
  • Transplantation training: The emerging center will send a junior faculty who is interested in transplantation to the supporting center. With the increasing number of patients with kidney transplantation, there is an urgent need for nephrologists who can manage transplant patients. The physician will participate in transplant round, clinic as well as transplant conference. The goal is to be able to manage transplant patients including the complications upon the completion of the training
  • Various academic activities including tele-conference, seminars or lectures on clinical and basic research design will be taken place regularly. The emerging center currently hold a national continuing medical education (CME) nephrology course, and the emerging center will use this opportunity to invite physicians from the supporting center to present their work. This CME course will also provide the opportunity for nephrologists across the country to benefit from our collaboration.


  • The emerging center sent Dr. Xiaohong Fan to MGH to receive clinical research training. She will attend the clinical research training courses held by Harvard Medical school including biostatistics, clinical trail design as well as fundamental epidemiology. She will perform statistical analysis of a large Chinese epidemiology study under the supervision of a statistician from MGH. She will join Dr. Thadhani’s lab and work under his supervision. The emerging center sent Dr. Bingyan Liu to MGH to get trained in interventional nephrology field. Dr. Liu participated in interventional nephrology rounds, attended diadatics, observed endovascular procedures as well as vascular access creation procedures. The goal of Dr. Liu’s training is to be able to perform intravascular access procedures independently with the hope to set up a vascular center in China.
  • The emerging center will hold a national continuing medical education (CME) nephrology course in July. This course will invite professors from the supporting center as well as well-known professors from China. This conference will be open to all physicians in China. Through this conference, physicians from both China and U. S. A. can share their clinical experiences as well as potential collaborations. 



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SRC Program Level C : China - UK

EC Institute: Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, China

EC Liaison officer: Dr Xiaolan Chen

SC Institute: John Walls Renal Unit, Leicester General Hospital, UK

SC Liaison officer: Dr Jonathan Barratt

Name of SRC Pair: China : UK

SRC Level: Level C


Short description of the project or abstract:

We have been fortunate to host Prof. Yapan Fan and Xiaolan Chen, as well as Dr Houyong Dai and Li Yuan in Leicester and they had the opportunity to observe our clinical service model, our training and research programs and consider how we might translate our experiences in Leicester to Nantong.
To begin with, we plan to develop local training initiatives based on our award winning Education to Improve Outcomes in Acute Kidney Injury program to improve local knowledge of CKD in primary care. We will use our local guidelines as the basis to develop referral processes, algorithms for assessment and early management of CKD and our experience of setting up a number of satellite units to help Nantong develop outreach services and satellite clinics.
In parallel, we will develop academic links with Nantong and explore ways of providing trainees and staff with the opportunity to spend time in the Renal Research Laboratories at the University of Leicester and with Epidemiologists, Clinical Trial Specialists and Health Service Researchers, while provide mentorship to researchers in Nantong through regular meetings using Skype. The University of Leicester has already shown its commitment to this plan by establishing a PhD programme with Nantong University in the past 12 months. We would envisage accessing this PhD program to support young researchers from our Sister Centre to train in the UK.


Learning objectives:

  • Visit Nantong in 2016 for fact finding mission
  • Deliver Education Masterclass focusing on our experience of delivering education programs in primary care for CKD and AKI
  • Build on current combined PhD program to support clinical academic training for nephrologists jointly in the UK and China



image RussinovaName of Fellow: Liliya Russinova

Home Centre: Nephrology Department – Medical Company “Sunkar” in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Host Centre: Sheffield Kidney Institute in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Mentor: Arif Khwaja

Training Duration: 6 months as from 01/09/2015



Learning objectives:

  • General Nephrology


Profile Description and Training plan:

Observing in General Nephrology Department, Transplantation PD, Hemodialysis


For fellows who finished the training:

What is your current position in nephrology? Nephrologist
How you got involved with ISN and which (other) programs you have benefited from? My home mentor gave me the information about the ISN program
What you have learned during these activities? I realized the extent of Nephrology and had the opportunity to see the perfect organization of nephrology service!
What impact have ISN programs had on your career? Now I have the knowledge to improve the organization of nephrology services in Kazakhstan.
What impact have ISN programs had more generally on nephrology in your country/ region? ISN Fellowship program give a golden opportunity for the nephrologists from such countries as Kazakhstan to obtain necessary knowledge and clinical practice and establish networking with the professionals.


Global Operations Center

Avenue des Arts 1-2
1210 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 808 04 20
Fax: +32 2 808 4454
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Americas Operations Center

340 North Avenue 3rd Floor
Cranford, NJ 07016-2496, United States
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